The WP Rocket Plugin Speed Solution

We all want more speed on our websites. This is a no-drama fix if you are having problemsWP Rocket for speed with slow loading on your website. Especially, if it is on mobile devices.

I have wasted many hours trying to fix my slow websites and was delighted when I came across the WP Rocket plugin speed solution.

What’s Included in WP Rocket Plugin?

  • LazyLoad for Images and video
  • Minify HTML
  • Combine CSS
  • Minify /combine JS
  • Optimize CSS Delivery
  • Defer JS

How Does WP Rocket Plugin Work?

Keeping it simple. When a website loads onto your computer or mobile there is a lot of data being transferred. This is what creates the slow speeds.  You can fix these problems individually but a quicker way is to have one cashing plugin that loads a static version. This is an up to date version of your post and website. Consequently, faster load times.

Apart from improved site speed, visitors should notice no other differences between dynamic content and cached static content. If you make any changes to your website, such as publishing new content or editing the design, the best caching plugins will automatically refresh the cached files to ensure the static versions of the content are fully up to date.

How Does LazyLoad Work?

Images can be a problem, as there is a lot of data to load for each image.

One way is to optimize your images before you load them on your website. Always a good idea but having a plugin that only loads the image on the reader’s screen, as they scroll down works brilliantly!

The reader won’t even notice as there isn’t a lag or blank. It’s called images on request, Yahoo, Facebook, and YouTube are all using this technology to improve viewing times.

Is this plugin free?

The simple answer is no it isn’t and that may stop you from using it. Is it an expensive option and do you need it? Perhaps, $49 a year is not too much to sort out your speed problems so you can get on with promoting your business.

WP Rocket Plugin has various price options ($49, $99, and $249) which can include as many websites as you want. Even client’s websites, if you are building and maintaining for a living.

These are all 1-year memberships that include, 1 website for $49, 3 websites for $99, or unlimited for $249. It all depends on your needs and when you look at the WP Rocket Plugin speed solution you can see how it will fix your site problems.

If you use my link above, I may receive a commission from Rocket for recommending them. Your sale will help me to provide for my family. Thank you!

Minify/Combine CSS and JS?

These are just fancy words for compressing the computer directions to make your website load faster. You can do this yourself but unless you have the experience, then you can end up in a world of confusion. I definitely found this out the hard way and wasted days trying to fix it. Once I loaded the WP Rocket Plugin it was fixed in a matter of moments, what a relief.

Compressing your files and lightening the load on your HMTL, JavaScript, and CSS files through minimization help them to load so much faster.

How do faster-loading speeds help my business?

Even trimming a few seconds off your loading times can make a huge difference to your Search Engine Rankings and to your Conversions to sales. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for a page to load and many people just leave your post. You don’t want this and Google takes into consideration how quickly your pages load. They are looking for efficient site speed.

Your website host may already have included caching technology and it is possible to use a plugin as well but quite often it is best to turn off your hosting caching when you turn on WP Rocket Plugin. It is never good to double up on similar technology.

Ease of Use

The last thing you want to do is struggle with a new plugin and having to read all about itLooking for speed with the WP Rocket before you get the desired result. WordPress design has streamlined this plugin to load immediately, so you get results in real-time.

Completely New to the Internet and Need Help?

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LILY Munday

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11 thoughts on “The WP Rocket Plugin Speed Solution”

  1. Hi, this explains some of the challenges I have with my websites. I have been looking for solutions to improve my site’s speed, but have been reluctant in trying out too many plugins to avoid making my website unusable. I have seen reviews and read up a bit on the WPRocket plugin and would like to try it out. The only thing that is holding me back is the price tag. I have tried some plugins, which provide a better performance of my website, but i am not totally happy yet. WPRocket might be the one that will do the trick.

    Your article has given me the extra information I need and I will seriously consider it for a tryout on my website for one year.

    Just one question to the plugin, are there any risks of ” breaking” your website trying this plugin? If it is $49 will be a too high price to pay.

    • Hi Roy, so pleased my post helped with that extra information. 

      Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that a plugin won’t ‘break’ your website and I really don’t have enough technical skills to say.

      Lily 😊

  2. These are all good plugins as you have rightly said, a lot of people have complained about slow websites mostly due to these plugins but if this is the solution let’s see how it works. The $49 price tag seems to be a little bit high for a lay man like myself looking at the currency conversion between BWP vs USD

  3. This is good tool to use as you have rightly said, a lot of people have complained about slow websites mostly due to plugins but if this the solution lets see how it pans out. The price tag on the plugin seems to be a little bit high for lay man like myself, BWP vs USD currency conversion rates.

    Its a good tool to test I guess.

    • It really was a miracle fix but I know what you mean. Sometimes it is hard to know which way to turn when we are new technically.


  4. This is very interesting. I have made a website recently and not even began to consider the speed of it yet. The images on request does make sense though as if the website isn’t trying to load all the pictures at the same time then it’s faster. Thank you for educating me on this and providing me with the information I need so I don’t have to go digging around to make a decision. 

    • You are welcome Robert. It’s great to pick up these little tips it can save you a lot of time.

      Let me know if I can help. 

      Lily 😊

  5. Hello there thanks for the review it was really helpful. Talking about website issues like this I must I have had bad experiences with this. There was a time I created a website and I regretted creating it in the first place because it was too sloe. It took me several minutes to load and even load pictures. I was so frustrated that I had to abandon it. But then thanks to your review I have found the solution to this problem.

  6. Hello there, Lily! Wow, I did not know about all these little details when creating a website. I did not know that a slow loading website had that much impact on the visitors. You are right about the program you suggested being expensive. Perhaps when I start to make an income and can support all the other things, maybe I will try it then. Thanks for this informative post!

    • Hi Mike, I’m glad my post gave you some food for thought. All these small things add up and site speed is so important. You can help it by keeping your pictures small and limiting the amount of YouTube videos that you put on your website but it depends on what type of website you have. Glad I could help.


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