ThemeForest Review: Are the Templates worth It?

You know that choosing a WordPress theme is a major decision. You want something that suits your vision, will attractThemeForest Review visitors to your site, and, most importantly, it should work. ThemeForest review claims to be the solution to all these concerns. But is it really?

We need to answer several questions to figure this out: Is it easy to find the right theme? What would the cost be? What type of support are you eligible for? These themes will slow down my website? What are the downsides of the service? What are the drawbacks of this tool?

In this article, we will dive into ThemeForest.

Why ThemeForest!

#1: A Huge Variety of Themes You Won’t Find Elsewhere

ThemeForest has over 11,000 premium WordPress themes. This is the largest collection we have. You’re likely to find a theme you love at ThemeForest.

It has templates for other Content Management Sites (like Concrete5, Drupal, and Joomla, as well as themes for site builders such as Weebly and Webflow).

#2: Tons of User Reviews and Ratings

You can also find user reviews and ratings for each theme. You’ll be able to view the profiles and portfolios of theme creators.

#3: Themes Are Very Affordable

Further details about pricing are available in the review. Let’s just say that entrepreneurs can explore most ThemeForest templates to quickly get a beautiful website online.

Can You Easily Find the Right Theme for Your Business?

One feature that you’ll ever love is ThemeForest’s ability to sort themes based on their compatibility with popular plugins or frameworks.

The search bar is also available if the filters don’t work for you. You need to be specific about your searches. Keywords can still turn up results that are not related to the search.

It will be more difficult to find something that is extremely specific, such as a theme for stamp collectors. Your options are limited.

Finding exactly what you are looking for can be a tedious task. This is not a problem with ThemeForest. Its huge collection of themes makes that possible. It’s easy to find something that works for you, but it can be difficult to find the right theme for you. This depends on how specific you are.

What is the Best Way to Use the Theme You Have Purchased?

It all depends on the theme.

The basic installation for all themes is the same: Download it to your computer, upload to your WordPress site and activate it.

You might need to follow additional steps for some more complicated themes. ThemeForest does not require theme developers to offer customization or installation services. However, as long as you are familiar with the basics of installing a WordPress theme, you should be fine.

The process for other CMS options is slightly different. You might upload your theme files using an FTP client or the control panel of your hosting site. The CMS you use will determine the ease of use.

The theme will also determine how customizable a theme can be. Many themes allow you to change basic elements, such as typefaces and colors. Most will also offer page layout options. You can use some of these themes as website builders or content management systems.

All I can tell you is to read through the feature lists. Some themes are not compatible with all devices.

Not all themes have been updated to work with WordPress’ changes. Also, not all themes have working demos. Sometimes web developers are forced to close their doors, while other times they move on. You should check the ratings and the dates for any theme that you are considering buying.

Support is Not Available for Every ThemeSupport is not available for ThemeForest

Although support can make a theme costlier, it is always worth having someone to help with any problems you have.

Your site may likely look similar to other sites. This is a problem with many marketplaces, especially if you are looking to buy popular themes. TemplateMonster is an example of this. It allows you to see the most popular themes and charges a high fee so that you are the last to buy them.

ThemeForest cannot guarantee that other people won’t purchase the same theme and create a site that looks very similar to yours.

Some Themes Are Really Slow

Because they have a large collection of options and features, this is a common problem. It can take more time to modify your site. And even worse, it can slow down the loading speed for users. While this isn’t a problem for every theme, it is an issue with certain themes.

Plugins can be used to solve some of these issues. These plugins include file caching, Gzip compression (which makes files smaller), and automatic code minimization (removing unnecessary spaces from the code).

The file caching plugin stores a portion of your site’s files on each user’s computer. However, these options are limited and more efficient when combined with well-written code.

This is another issue that ThemeForest faces, but it isn’t strange.

Complex Themes Require a Steep Learning Curve

This is not a new challenge from ThemeForest. However, it does show that the more complicated and multi-purpose a theme is, you will need to customize it and set it up yourself. Complex themes use many “shortcodes” and have documentation that rivals WordPress. If you are looking for an easy way to create a website (with instructions and templates) try Wealthy Affiliate for free.

ThemeForest doesn’t offer any customization service, so there’s a lot of learning.


How much will You Have to Pay to Use ThemeForest?

That’s an interesting question. Most WordPress themes (8,000+), are priced between $40 USD and $60 USD. At the time of writing, the most expensive theme I found was $10,000 USD. The most expensive WordPress theme is $1,022 USD. The cheapest themes cost between $5 USD and $13 USD.

How to Find Free Themes on ThemeForest

Searching for “ThemeForest Free Theme” will bring up a list of free ThemeForest themes. For this set of themes, you can also visit ThemeForest’s site. It’s easy to overlook the free themes if you don’t know where to find them, but they are there!

Although you might think that you should go to the “Web Themes & Templates” page, there are no free themes. Rather scroll down to the bottom of each page! There will be a link to “Free WordPress Themes”.


It is difficult to know which themes are free. This information changes frequently, so make sure you check back every month. While ThemeForest has some great themes, there are certainly some drawbacks to using them and lots of other places where you can get free themes.

WordPress has a free theme called Astra which loads fast and is easily customized, so before you spend hours learning how to change a theme, consider where you could be using that time better perhaps!

I hope this has helped you in your research, please leave a comment, or a like and share as this will help me in bringing you more articles for your success.

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6 thoughts on “ThemeForest Review: Are the Templates worth It?”

  1. I will definitely consider using ThemeForest. Thank you for this review. I started blogging online and choose a theme that was super slow. But at the time I didn’t know that. Now I have a faster one, but it’s super simple. So, because my traffic has been increasing, I think it’s time to move to a payed theme.

  2. Hi Lilly and thanks for high lighting Theme Forrest. There are so many available themes that it is hard to find one that suits our style.
    I have gone with both free and paid themes and finally settled on Generate Press free version however I have found this limiting so need to explore further. somewhere I can change font size and colour.
    Posts like yours add to our education so keep it up.

    Peter H

    • Hi Peter, you may wish to look at the Astra theme in WordPress and although it is a little simple you can really customize it and it loads very fast, especially for a free theme.

  3. Thanks for your review of this WordPress plug-in. I had never actually prevously heard of The Forest before. I have to say though, i dont think it will be for me. I personally prefer using the affiliate marketingly these which is ideal for my own website as it’s basic but has the right features.

    • That’s fine. We all have to find what works for us in our business. This is just an option and maybe helpful if you hadn’t heard of it and looking for an option. Thanks for the comment.


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