Themify Review – Is It The Best Site Builder?

Themify is an excellent front-end builder that allows you to add a unique style to your site. It is also mobile andThemify review Google-ready. It allows you to customize your website in no time at all. This tool features a drag-and-drop editor that makes website building a breeze.

Themify is a Canadian company established in 2010 and received high traffic in 2017. It boasts an impressive Google PR and is popular with web developers.

Themify offers an eCommerce solution that helps you set up an online store with shopping carts, wishlists, and various product views.

Unlike other website building platforms, Themify allows you to customize various elements without knowing any code. You can control margins, padding, and CSS classes to fit your website’s needs.

You can even set up a grid with sub-rows and columns. It’s possible to set up a website with any layout, from single to multiple columns.

Themify is an easy-to-use website-building tool for WordPress. It’s great for anyone looking to build a modern website for a client or personal use.

What is Themify?

Themify is a website-building platform that lets you customize your site as much as possible. The best part about Themify is that it’s mobile-friendly, so it looks and functions beautifully on mobile devices.

Plus, its customer support is very helpful and will assist you with everything from your account to themes and add-ons. Its support is available 24/7 through email. If you have a problem with Themify, the company will respond within a few hours.

Themify has over 90000 customers, and its numbers are rising by the day. Currently, they have 42 WordPress themes, 12 plugins, PSD files, and PTB add-ons.

Their products are licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). You can download Themify themes on as many sites as possible. However, if you use Themify on a client’s site, you’re not eligible for updates and support.

Themify has a large library of themes, plugins, demo sites, and skins. It also has drag-and-drop capabilities that make it easy to make customizations on your site.

How does the Themify Builder Work?

The Themify builder is compatible with all plugins, including WooCommerce and SEO Yoast. It can also handle multi-site networks, which saves server resources.


Its drag-and-drop functionality allows you to move modules from the backend to the front end. The tool also offers several handy editing features such as copy/paste, undo/redo, and duplicate. It also has responsive styling, meaning you can design your site for mobile and tablet screens.

Themify offers both free and paid versions. The free version does not come with web hosting or domain names, so you’ll have to buy those separately. However, the premium plans include a year of customer support and an email ticketing system.

Advanced users and designers can enjoy Themify’s advanced features, including drag-and-drop editing. Users also have full control over their WordPress site and can use various plugins for extra customization. In-editor help is also available, as well as live help if you’re on an annual plan.

Intuitive ExperienceIntuitive experience

Themify’s clean interface and regular updates make it a breeze to customize your iPhone screen. You can change wallpapers, icons, and more. You can even mix and match your themes, and Themify provides step-by-step instructions to get started.

The software is also affordable and has a subscription model, so you will receive updates and new themes regularly. They also offer options for working with various plugins and tweaking your layout.

There are a few caveats, though. If you’re not an advanced user, you will have to perform some legwork to make changes.

Be prepared to lose shortcuts and have to deal with redirects. If you don’t like Apple’s app system, this program may not be for you.

Front and Backend Editing

Themify has an extensive library that includes hundreds of pre-made blocks. You can edit and save these blocks and layout elements for later use.

Themify has a visual editing interface that allows you to create different layouts for different parts of your website. This makes it easy to visualize your pages before you start designing them. It also allows you to tweak various layouts and integrate plugins. Users of Themify are satisfied with its customization options, but you might need a little patience to learn them.

They allow you to use pre-made demos that let you change the look of your site. You can add widgets and menus and use proprietary shortcodes to customize the look and feel of your website.

You can even add Google maps to your site. They also claim that its themes are SEO-optimized and address page-speed issues.

Simple Structure

The Simple Structure of Themify is the key to creating a unique, dynamic website. Instead of writing code to design and customize your site, you can drag and drop features into your website. This will give you unrivaled design and coding capabilities. They will even allow you to customize the code by adding custom CSS.

The Themify page builder offers two modes of editing: drag-and-drop and live editing. Both editing modes will enable you to preview your changes live.

They also provide an option to change the layout of individual page elements. However, keep in mind that some modules are more complex than others.

The Themify builder has advanced features and integrates with all major platforms. It also offers responsive editing and a wide range of templates. Despite its impressive features, it lacks a dedicated header editor and is not an ideal standalone website builder.

It shines when combined with Themify’s ultra theme, which includes over 40 pre-made layout designs and drag-and-drop support.

Themify is a powerful website builder that caters to web developers. The software has many pre-built layout components and a library to save and reuse. Users can save rows, modules, and other layout elements to create a site that fits their needs.

Users can add their custom CSS to modify the website’s look further and feel. Themify is best used with the Ultra theme, which offers 40-plus pre-made layout designs. This template also features drag-and-drop support to insert your content anywhere.

Users may ask questions on the forums or post suggestions to improve the service. A blog and FAQs page is also available on the site, which are good resources for new users and returning members.

Both feature tutorials and guides that help improve website design skills. The FAQs page is particularly helpful for new members, as it answers basic questions newcomers may have.

Themify Review of Pre-made LayoutsPre-made templates

Themify’s free drag-and-drop page builder offers over 60 pre-built layouts, animation effects, and more than 40 pre-made templates.

Rows and Columns for Building from Scratch

Themify’s Rows and Columns feature makes it easy to build your pages without having to be a web developer. Just drag and drop columns and rows to create the layout you want.

You can preview the changes instantly. You can also undo and redo changes. Moreover, you can copy and paste modules from one page to another or import them from other sites.

The Builder grid is responsive by default and allows you to customize the layout and styling
of your pages to meet the needs of various devices.

It also allows you to create different layouts for mobile devices and desktops. You can customize the column data of your modules to match the device you are using.

Dozens of Customizable Pre-Made Designs

Themify is a website builder for WordPress. You can create your custom theme or choose one of the pre-made designs.

It is free to sign up for a membership and use the page builder for your website. They can provide tips and tricks for customizing your website and answer any questions you may have.

Themify Pricing

Themify has three pricing plans: Single Themes, Master Club, and Lifetime Club. The details are as follows:

Single Themes: This plan costs $59 per year, and it comes with 12 months of support and updates

Master Club: This plan costs $89/year, and it comes with 5 PTB addons, 25 builder addons, 12 plugins, one year of support and updates, and a total of 42 themes with Photoshop files.

Lifetime Club: The Lifetime club plan costs $249/year, and it comes with lifetime access to all addons, plugins, themes, support, and updates.

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Although the Themify tool isn’t free, users can use it to build a simple page using a WordPress theme. Its features include a drag-and-drop page builder and a system to add WooCommerce products anywhere on a page.

Users can sell their designs or export them for resale. Themify offers a one-year support subscription for its premium plans. Customer support also comes with an email ticketing system.

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