Tips to Make Money on Tumblr in 2022

A popular way to make money on Tumblr is through reblogging. It’s an excellent tool for promoting products and services.Tips to make money on Tumblr You may even charge for the display of goods and services on your blog. Also, you can use Google AdSense to monetize your Tumblr pages.

Tumblr is an excellent place to express and discover yourself. People find common interests and bond over them. Big companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, Adidas, Samsung, and Target are investing in the platform.

Tumblr also has an audience of millennials and is expected to continue to be a top choice for bloggers. Even though Tumblr has fallen behind competitors such as Instagram Stories and Pinterest, it remains one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms.

You can also monetize Tumblr by selling premium subscriptions. Last year, Tumblr reported $300 million in recurring revenue from paid subscribers. That’s about $4-$5 million a year.

You can also monetize your Tumblr account by creating sponsored posts. You must follow specific guidelines and have your sponsored post approved before publishing it.

In the last 8 months, Tumblr has introduced a new service called Post+, which lets content creators charge readers for exclusive content. With Post+, users can pay $5.99 monthly for access to exclusive content. Users can even sign up for both services.

How to Make Money on Tumblr

Publish Infographics

You can publish your infographics on various sites and don’t have to spend a penny to publish them. Infographics are a great way to promote any product or service on Tumblr. They’re also an excellent way to promote an e-book, a course, or a YouTube channel.

One way to make money on Tumblr is to post infographics that feature a link to a product on Amazon. It’s not ideal to put affiliate links in every post, but it’s an effective way to promote products and services.

You can become a Tumblr expert and offer your services to companies. This way, you can turn your Tumblr page into an endless source of income.

Another way to monetize infographics is to link them to other infographics. Ideally, a good infographic will answer questions while also posing new ones. This way, your audience can follow the train of thought without leaving your site.

Additionally, you can use tags to group similar infographics into categories. This will help you get better search engine rankings for your infographics.

You can also sell advertising space to businesses. This method requires the ability to identify advertisers and negotiate with them. It requires a high level of originality and creativity. To sell ad space, ensure to create a theme that supports the ads.

When using Tumblr infographics, remember that your target audience is incredibly diverse. Most Tumblr users access the site through mobile devices. And 70% of users say their dashboard is their favorite online place.

Integrate Affiliate LinksIntegrate affiliate links in Tumblr

An excellent way to make money on Tumblr is by integrating affiliate links. Tumblr ads are placed on your site, and you’ll be paid every time someone clicks on the ad. You’ll need a high-traffic blog with a large following to earn money through affiliate links.

Affiliate links are one of the best ways to make money on Tumblr. These links are displayed alongside articles on your blog that feature a particular product or service. This means you can receive commissions if people buy your posts.

Another way to make money on Tumblr is to use an advertising network like Infolinks. Both have their own set of requirements and operate differently.

If you’re a freelancer, Tumblr can be a great place to promote your business and personal brand. You can post links to your site or social media pages. This will help you get more visitors to your website and will also increase your AdSense income.

And if you want to sell products, Tumblr also offers affiliate programs to help you sell products and services.

In addition to affiliate programs, Tumblr users can also earn money from sponsored posts. This means that they can include affiliate links, such as the Amazon Associate Program, which pays you whenever people click your affiliate links.

Another popular affiliate link option is ShareASale. However, make sure you don’t have too many affiliate links.

To earn money from affiliate marketing, you need to create compelling content. This content should engage your readers and inspire them to take action.

To create high-quality content, you’ll need to research your audience. By doing this, you can write more effective content for Tumblr.

Tumblr also allows page managers to earn a cut of the profits each time their posts generate new subscribers or followers.

Another way to make money on Tumblr is to offer your services. This is a good option if you have a niche that you can promote on a large scale.

You can post tutorials, articles, and other content on your blog and sell it to others. This will increase your AdSense income and let you take on commissions from others who purchase your product.

Create Sponsored PostsCreate Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts on Tumblr are not exactly new, but the company is trying out new formats. Sponsored video posts look much like blog posts but contain an embedded video instead of text.

They also must meet Tumblr’s ad guidelines. For example, a broadcasting company could create a sponsored video to promote a new show.

According to Tumblr, 60% of users find sponsored posts entertaining and engaging. These videos can also be syndicated to other websites, including Yahoo, to reach a wider audience.

Advertisers can target users by gender, age, location, and interests. They can target specific demographics with Tumblr’s audience targeting options.

For example, advertisers can choose to target millennials, who spend 69 percent of their time on the platform. The average reblogging of a sponsored post is ten times higher than for a blog post published without any advertisement.

Sponsored posts on Tumblr are similar to regular posts, except they are more prominent. Businesses can select the audience they want to target and place a link to their website or a call-to-action button. They can also purchase sponsored days, in which they can pay to feature a post for 24 hours.

Tumblr has become a popular social networking site for marketers thanks to its ability to offer paid advertising. However, the ads on Tumblr look much like regular posts, and many users hate seeing ads in the feed.

Therefore, the company uses native advertising to make these sponsored posts look more natural. The sponsored posts also allow advertisers to target users based on interest and gender.

Tumblr’s demographics have changed a little over the years. While it mostly comprises Millennials and Gen Z users, it still boasts a wide variety of users across all age groups. The site is still gaining new users, but at a slower rate than comparable social networks.

Run Ads on Your Pages

There are several ways to make money on Tumblr, and one of them is through ads. Ads will appear on your blog posts, and users can click on them to view the advertised products or services.

The amount you can earn per click will depend on your ad service. Be sure to research each one carefully before deciding to use it. If you have a large following, you can probably get more clicks on your ads.

Tumblr is a good platform for personal branding. You can build a blog on it to showcase your work. By doing so, you can build an audience and start selling products. You can sell other products through your Tumblr pages.

Ads on Tumblr can be effective if you use them strategically. You’ll need to use the right ads to attract visitors to your page. This will ensure your page is seen by people looking for similar content. You can use Tumblr’s hashtags to organize your posts.

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To make money from Tumblr, you must focus on creating valuable content for your target audience. The content on your blog should educate them about the products and services you are advertising.

Another way to earn from affiliate links on Tumblr is to sell a product. You can sell your themes and sell them through Themeforest. Alternatively, you can promote a product on your Tumblr account by writing reviews and promoting it.

You can also earn from affiliate links by posting images. People prefer to see images than reading blog posts. So, creating infographics on your blog or site is a great way to capture an audience’s attention and get them to click on affiliate links.

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