Traffic Think Tank Course Review: Legit?

In this Traffic Think Tank Course review, I will outline some of the benefits of joining this community. You can also getTraffic think tank course review actionable SEO content, processes, and strategies from members.

The Traffic Think Tank Academy has exclusive resources and a community of peers to help you level up your career.

Traffic Think Tank is a good choice whether you’re new to SEO, a newbie, or an experienced marketer. It is a great way to learn from the top marketers in the industry.

One of the most important benefits of becoming a Traffic Think Tank community member is its premium keyword research tool. Keyword research is vital for SEO and organic search.

Traffic Think Tank members have the tools and training to analyze content and use keyword tools to improve their rankings.

The tool also provides a template for advanced keyword research, one of the essential parts of a website’s strategy. However, it is not for everyone. While some might be skeptical about Traffic Think Tank, others might be more inclined to join the community.

Traffic Think Tank Overview

Product Name: Traffic Think Tank

Official Website: Traffic Think Tank: Traffic Think Tank: SEO Training & Private Community

Owner: Matthew Barby, Nick Eubanks, and Ian Howells

Price: $119 monthly or $1,190 yearly

Type: SEO basics and applications

Cons: Price doesn’t include the cost of website hosting

Best For: Those who want to learn SEO to improve their business and ranking goals

Traffic Think Tank Summary

Traffic Think Tank is a community of high-level marketers with over 300 members. It’s an ideal place to get expert advice on how to improve your site’s performance.

What is Traffic Think Tank?

Traffic Think Tank is a membership community run through Slack focused on SEO. It includes 300+ hours of exclusive training materials, monthly webinars, and live Q&A sessions.

For one low monthly price, you can join any time. But before you do, read on to learn more about the program. It’s a must-have for those looking to master SEO. This is a great place to find actionable SEO content and processes.

The Traffic Think Tank is a private training community and sounding board for SEO professionals. Its members share strategies and experiences.

With a community like this, you’ll gain access to an exclusive inner circle of SEO pros and find new networking opportunities. Traffic Think Tank is an excellent option for SEO beginners and veterans.

You can use its private board to improve your SEO skills and build a network of peers who have similar goals.

Who is Behind Traffic Think Tank?Who is behind Traffic Think Tank?

Ian Howells

Ian Howells is one of the most successful SEOs in the industry. Since the days of keyword Meta tags, he’s been in the SEO business and has held various leadership roles.

He’s also a natural entrepreneur and founded Traffic Think Tank, the #1 Private SEO Training community. The Traffic Think Tank is a collaboration space for SEO and digital marketing experts who share their knowledge.

In addition to exclusive content, members have access to weekly live events, analysis templates, and hundreds of hours of actionable SEO content.

The community grows every week, and new content is published regularly. If you are interested in participating in Traffic Think Tank, join the content thread on Slack. It’s like the AA for SEOs! Traffic Think Tank is an online community where you can ask questions and get help from other successful marketers.

Matthew Barby

Matthew has a wealth of experience in the online marketing industry. He is a HubSpot VP of Marketing, and he helped build the organic traffic team there.

He discusses lessons learned in his career and how Traffic Think Tank’s side project has grown from a website to a $1M ARR company in under two years.

Traffic Think Tank is like a personal training ground and sounding board. It is designed for everyone, from SEO newbies to 7-figure pros.

It can help you grow your online business if you’re an in-house SEO or work for yourself. It is personalized to your needs and will help you achieve your goals faster. You’ll get tips from your fellow members and gain access to their knowledge, tools, and community.

Nick Eubanks

Nick Eubanks is the man behind this private SEO community and training academy. In addition to providing SEO training for its members, Traffic Think Tank also has a mastermind of ambitious SEOs.

Members of this mastermind can share private ideas, webinars, and content and ask questions to a community of like-minded people. Nick has a ton of SEO knowledge and has a stone house to prove it.

Nick Eubanks is a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist. He has built several businesses and served as a C-level executive for others.

His first blog, I’m From the Future, cost $100K and earned him a million dollars. He’s also a partner of FTW Ventures, a digital asset investment firm. Nick Eubanks has sold dozens of sites and has been an advisor to many other online businesses.

What is Inside Traffic Think Tank?What's inside Traffic Think Tank

Module 1: Cohort Keyword Research by Nick Eubanks

This comprehensive video walks you through the process of using cohort keyword research. It offers a new perspective on keyword research and may even give you some ideas you had not considered before. Whether you’re an experienced internet marketer or brand-new to SEO, you’ll want to look at this course.

This program isn’t for you if you’re looking for an easy, silver bullet, or a shortcut to success.

It’s for those ready to put in the work and get help. If you’re looking to implement new ideas, this is your course.

To start your keyword research, you can use analytics platforms like SEMRush. These tools track your traffic and help you determine which keywords are valuable. You can also prioritize them based on time and value.

It’s essential to avoid keywords with high search volume since they’re not your core focus. It’s better to focus on words with a low search volume but can potentially be profitable if they convert.

Module 2: Scaling Growth with Content Directories

The premise of Traffic Think Tank is to help you scale your business with content directories. It is a community of more than 300 marketers who share their strategies, process, and content.

This group offers free tools, case studies, and actionable SEO content and processes. You can access these resources anytime you want to learn more about SEO.

Module 3: Building a Money Site from Scratch with Ian Howells

In this module, you’ll learn how to build a money site from scratch. You’ll also learn why Ian Howells’ training course is so valuable.

Module 4: This Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

If you’re interested in SEO but don’t know where to begin, you’ll be happy to learn that Traffic Think Tank offers a training ground for SEO novices and experts alike. There are forums, training courses, and even a Mastermind where members exchange advice, work, and hang out in real life.

Traffic Think Tank is ideal for finding a supportive community and getting some of the best SEO advice.

In just a few hours, you’ll see these experts in action and learn what they’re doing to generate traffic and grow their businesses. All this is available for a monthly membership fee.

Pricing for Traffic Think Tank

Traffic Think Tank has two pricing options:

  • – A $119 monthly payment
  • – A $1,190 yearly fee

An Alternative to TTT

If you are a complete new person to online marketing, then you will need to learn about more than just SEO and an excellent way to do this is to start with a free website and learn as you go.

No upfront payment! You get to try it all out before you decide if this awesome hosting and learning platform can help you to be a success. You will have access to 10 free videos which will give you an overview of starting a website business.

Then if you wish to continue learning and want to have access to over 120 videos and 1000+ tutorials on SEO, creating a funnel, landing pages, email marketing, social media platforms and so much more it’s only $49 per month.

There are live Q&A lessons weekly, a friendly community, and all the technical support you could ever want. You have nothing to lose by trying. Click the banner below to read more about this great opportunity.

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For those who have already made the decision to pursue a career in SEO, Traffic Think Tank may be the perfect tool. As a private online community run through Slack, this private membership community helps you master the art of SEO.

You’ll have access to over 300 hours of exclusive learning materials, monthly webinars, and live Q&A sessions. Unlike most other SEO communities, Traffic Think Tank allows you to interact with your peers and share experiences and ideas.

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