TubeBuddy Chrome Extension Review 2021

You can make money online in diverse ways, and YouTube is one of them. YouTube is aTubeBuddy Chrome Extension review

fun way of making money online as it gives you the pleasure of doing what you are passionate about. With TubeBuddy Chrome Extension you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Sadly, growing a YouTube channel can be sometimes challenging. However, some tools can help to accelerate your success rate. And TubeBuddy is one of the best out there. The tool is a browser extension that is proficient in managing and growing a YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy can make a significant impact on your YouTube channel. It can help to boost your subscription rate and revenue. You will surely love this tool.

TubeBuddy in Details

TubeBuddy is a YouTube browser extension that is compatible with Chrome and Safari Browsers. It implies that this extension (TubeBuddy) functions in accordance with YouTube’s laid down guidelines.

It was developed by a certified YouTube creator Phil Starkovich in 2014. This set of creators understands the technicalities of managing and running a successful YouTube channel. This makes TubeBuddy the only YouTube tool that enables the user to manage a channel without leaving YouTube.

How TubeBuddy Works

TubeBuddy is an extension that works like every other browser extension. It works when installed onto an internet browser. For now, the extension is compatible with Chrome and Safari browsers. After installation, the extension will look like a menu on your YouTube channel. You can manage your YouTube account directly.


TubeBuddy has a host of fascinating and helpful features. It was built as a Chrome extension to make it easy to use without the need to leave the YouTube page.

Thumbnail Generator – this tool is one of the best features of TubeBuddy. With this tool, you don’t need any external tool like Canva. You can simply use the same template layout to generate thumbnails for all your videos.

This tool enables you to create a layout template and picture that can be used repeatedly in all your videos. It gives your channel a consistent look.

Advanced Video Embedding

With this feature, you can embed codes on your YouTube videos that enable you to turn off certain options. TubeBuddy enables users to perform the following:

  • Enable JavaScript API
  • Disable play control
  • Customize your embedded videos
  • Make your videos loop automatically

Publish to Facebook

This feature allows users to automatically publish their YouTube videos directly to Facebook. It’s an incredible and thoughtful feature. Otherwise, a user would have to share their YouTube link on Facebook each time they want to share their videos. This should be part of your social media campaign to create organic traffic.

Or, head over to Facebook and re-upload the video. Whichever way, it is a daunting task. But TubeBuddy gives you access to publish your video straight to Facebook.

A/B Testing

A/B testing enables users to perform a split test in order to determine the performing video title, description, or thumbnail.

Canned Responses

How you spend your time is essential in business. So re-typing the same response over and over again to a YouTube comment isn’t a nice way to spend your time.

The canned response feature of TubeBuddy can be harnessed to write the answer to FAQs. It also allows users to personalize their answers with shortcodes that reply to commenters by their name.

Quick-Edit Toolbar

You can only edit one video at a time on YouTube. And sometimes it gets confusing as youTubeBuddy editing tools

try to remember the exact location you are trying to modify.

But the story is quite different with TubeBuddy. It’s pretty easy to edit more than one video at a go. This feature is also known as a bulk update. With TubeBuddy, you can easily identify a video thumbnail and do the needful. You can also make bulk modifications to videos.

Best Time to Publish

Publishing time is as important as the content. This is why TubeBuddy’s Algorithm helps to predict an optimal time to publish your videos. The aim is to attract engaging users to your videos based on how the YouTube algorithm works.

Card Templates

If you understand how YouTube video marketing works, then you probably understand the concept of cards. In simple terms, they are a call-to-action (CTA’s) that are integrated into YouTube videos. They normally pop up just around the end of the video.

YouTube video creators are faced with the challenge of creating the same type of cards for every video you upload. TubeBuddy takes away this stress by making it possible for a user to save a card template and use it for future videos.

Emoji Picker Tool

Emojis easily catch people’s attention. Using them appropriately can make your video title more conspicuous than that of others. TubeBuddy emojis are simple to use. Just select the emoji icon and insert it.

Comment Filter Tool

This tool is handy for managing YouTube’s comments. It’s a challenging task to keep up with all the comments from your visitors, especially for YouTubers with a huge audience. The comment filter of TubeBuddy makes it easy to manage. You can filter the comment you want and attend to them.

Here are categories of a comment you can choose from:

  • Remarks that have profanity
  • Positive feedback
  • Comments that do not allow reply
  • Statement projecting negativity
  • Comments with specific questions

Just to mention but few. The filter tool of TubeBuddy is a great time-saver and is recommended for YouTubers with a large audience.

Brand Alerts Tool

This is yet another intriguing feature of TubeBuddy. It’s a tool that helps to monitor the performance of videos or playlist that relates to your brand. This is amazing as it gives you an overview of your reputation in the YouTube world.

Comment Notification Tool

Before now, YouTube had the comment notification feature on the dashboard of users. Unfortunately, this feature is no longer obtainable. However, the TubeBuddy YouTube extension has this feature which notifies the user of a comment.

Scheduled Video Upload – This feature makes it possible for users to upload a video at a specific or later date.

Auto Translator – This feature can help you expand your audience reach. It is ideal for brands with an international audience. It automatically translates the title, description, and tags into the common langue of your audience. You may also carry out this function manually to target some specific languages.

A/B Test – This tool is efficient for conversion optimization. It enables users to test different titles, thumbnails, and descriptions to see which performs best.

Tag Explorer – This tool is useful for determining suitable video tags. Using the right Tags can boost the visibility of your videos for maximum exposure. This feature is important for optimizing your videos for SEO rankings.

The ‘Tag Explorer’ feature helps to reduce the time you would spend trying to figure out appropriate tags. Users are only required to input the main keywords they want and the system will do the rest.

Search Rankings

TubeBuddy has a unique search ranking feature that can be used to check how your video rank is performing for chosen sets of tags.

Video Audit – This tool is amazing, especially for beginners. The feature is meant to check your videos for possible errors that need to be fixed. This is to ensure that you publish successful video content that does not fall out of YouTube’s guidelines.


The dashboard of TubeBuddy is built with a videolytic panel that displays statisticsTubeBuddy Chrome review such as total views, likes, and dislikes, comments, etc. The panel also displays tags that are linked with the videos and gives more details about your search rankings.

This tool is handy to keep an eye on your competitors. It displays analytics of your video as you play them.

Demonetizing Checklist Tool

This tool scans your YouTube video content to detect title descriptions or tags that could affect your revenue negatively.

Health Report Tool

This feature gives you an insight into retention rates and traffic. This report is important for optimizing your videos.

Playlist Actions

This TubeBuddy feature enables the user to order a playlist based on the number of subscribers, watch time, and viewer engagement.

Competitor Scorecard

This feature keeps you abreast with what your competitors are doing. It makes a direct comparison with your channel and that of others. This is to determine the difference in views, subscribers, video uploads, and engagement. This report can even be downloaded and viewed using Excel.

Competitor Video Upload

TubeBuddy has an alert system that notifies you when a competitor uploads a new video. The notice can be conveyed through email, TubeBuddy notification, or text message.

Channel Backup

With the backup system of TubeBuddy, you are confident of recovering your channel should anything bad happen. It takes away the fear of losing your channel to any unforeseen eventuality.

Channel Valuation

Platforms like come in handy. It is helpful for finding out the right amount to charge for any sponsorship deals based on the value of your channel.

Channel Access

TubeBuddy allows YouTubers to securely give access to their accounts to whoever they want. This is an interesting feature for YouTubers who have small teams that are helping them out with little tasks. Social media managers can also use this feature to show the progress they’ve made with an account.

Social Media Monitor

It is normal for some YouTube viewers to leave a comment requesting that a specific video be made in the future. With the social media tool, a YouTuber can see the channel through which people are talking about your uploads.

Video Topic Planner

This feature makes it easy for the user to plan the title of their videos and draft it if need be. With this feature, you can make a vlog by documenting your ideas on the go.

Pricing and Plans of TubeBuddyTubeBuddy cost Review

TubeBuddy is used for free. One of the interesting aspects of TubeBuddy’s free plan is the incredible features it has to get anyone started.  If you feel satisfied with the free version, then you can use it as long as you want.

TubeBuddy also has premium plans that come with even better features worth every penny spent. Now, let’s see what each plan has to offer.

  • The Free plan

The free plan has some good features, but it has some drawbacks. One of these downsides is that users can’t publish videos from YouTube directly to Facebook as Facebook videos. Also, there is no option for free users to publish their videos in bulk. Another pronounced drawback is that the ‘Tag Explorer’ feature is somewhat limited. This could cause a decline in SEO rankings.

  • The Paid Plans

TubeBuddy has different paid plans. It starts with the Pro plan that is currently priced at $9/month per YouTube channel. This plan is recommended for beginners. It has a lot of features, though it doesn’t come with features like Video opportunities, auto translator, and A/B testing.

The Star plan goes for $19/month and comes with all the features. This plan is the best if you want to grow your YouTube channel.

The final plan is the Legend bundle at $49/month and includes all the features of TubeBuddy.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Common with most online tools, TubeBuddy also has a refund policy for its tool. This is to ensure that buyers are satisfied with what they purchase. You can simply ask for a full refund within 30 days if you feel unsatisfied with your purchase.

Member Benefits

Star and Legend users are eligible to get special discounts on different YouTube services. Free users are, however, restricted from these benefits. They include the following:

  • Caption service that offers 50% off
  • YouTube mobile app to access your channel from your Smartphone
  • Collaboration opportunities
  •  Royalty-free audio tracks
  • YouTube content through
  • Free right to card templates, thumbnails, and graphics
  • Channel consultation access from YouTube experts.

Pros of TubeBuddy

  • The free plan has lots of features
  • Easy to use
  • The premium plans are moderately priced
  • Helps you to keep an eye on your competitor

Cons of TubeBuddy

  • No customer service
  • Absence of android app
  • TubeBuddy only works on one channel


TubeBuddy is an amazing tool with unique features for YouTube videos. If you are a YouTuber and in dire need to grow your channel, then I recommend you give TubeBuddy a try. You can use the extension on either Chrome or Safari browser.

This tool is ideal for YouTubers because it helps them:

  • Analyze other competitors
  • Check your video to ensure it complies with YouTube guidelines before publishing
  • Find YouTube Tags

With this tool, you are sure to increase your YouTube revenue by growing your channel faster.

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  1. I came across your article just minutes after looking into Youtube. I was planning to create a YouTube channel to help with my website and gain more visiters. 

    Maybe the Tubebuddy Chrome extension can be something can should use after creating the channel. As you said when you are a newbie it can be hard to have visiters and earn revenues.

    This is the second time I have read about the Tubebuddy, if I create an YouTube in the future I will definitely give it a try. For how long have you used It?

    Do you know anyone else it has really helped?

    • I know isn’t it funny how you keep hearing about something when you are ready to get started. It’s like the stars aligning to help you. This is a great add-on to help you keep track of your YouTubes and make it work better and easier for you. Enjoy

  2. For me, this is fascinating information. Through your article, I learned about such an exciting extension of chrome, which I have not been aware of before. Thank you very much for that. And it seems to me that its price is not very high even if you go to the middle level. I find your article very informative if you want to start a YouTube business

    • Hi Lea, Thanks for reading about Tubebuddy for Chrome. It really is a great extension even if you just use the free version when you start. It makes life a lot simpler.

  3. Hi there, TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.

    TubeBuddy is a great performing tool. It offers suggestions for you to get better, grow your channel and give you access to a whole optimization plan.

    This browser extension integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel and access web tools for more in-depth analysis and research.

    TubeBuddy is the best tool out there for YouTube creators. It is designed to help small and large YouTube channels.

    Thanks for this terrific review of Tubebuddy Chrome I will be having a try soon.

    • Hey Bushra, it seems you really have your finger on the pulse of what Tubebuddy can do for you, and I’m so pleased. I hope you enjoy giving it a run and seeing if it can help you grow your business.

  4. I’m always surprised that youtube doesn’t have a better video editor. You’d think with how many years they’ve been successful and how large that company has become they’d have more resources for video creators. The creator station is alright but you can’t do very much with it. I’m going to have to check this out and see if it has the tools I’m looking for.

    • I think they realized that there were a few more tools that they needed to offer creators and this is one that they came up with TubeBuddy is a free way to schedule and load your YouTubes. I gather that there are other tools that they are beginning to promote now as well.


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