UberSuggest Keyword and SEO Tools Review

Ubersuggest is a free online tool that generates keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy.UberSuggest Keyword and SEO Tools Review It can help you write blog posts and copy the success of your competitors.

Ubersuggest has gone from a laughing stock to one of the most valuable SEO tools available today. This SEO research tool offers a lot for your buck. It’s affordable, beautiful, and works.

Keyword research can be complex and costly. The basic keyword research tools don’t offer much. If you are looking for an effective, well-functioning SEO tool such as Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest, be prepared to invest a little money after trying it for free for 7 days.

Ubersuggest Keyword Overview

This is a massive advantage for those just starting, especially since the dashboards don’t seem cluttered.

KWFinder is a simpler keyword research tool. As Ubersuggest can be a little confusing at first. There is a lot of information available and many additional views that you need to understand.

UberSuggest’s first page will include a search bar with a drop-down menu for location. You should ensure that your search is specific to your business’s country.

Now you can access a lot of information about a keyword, including the Search Volume, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), difficulty, and Cost per Click.

Scroll down to see an in-depth analysis of the traffic. This includes how many clicks were due to SEO results relative to SEM results.

This information can only be helpful if you put it into practice. If 90% of your customers browse your website on their mobiles, and your website isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, this means that you have an opportunity to improve the customer experience.

UberSuggest will also show you how many backlinks (websites linking to your site) you need to rank in the top 10 search engines results.

Ubersuggest Keyword Ranking Overview

Keyword research is traditional and involves the planting of a seed word, as well as getting keyword suggestions to find a low-competition gem.

After you have planted a seed keyword, there will be many suggestions. You can also see SEO difficulty metrics and search volume estimates.

Ubersuggest Site Audit Report

Ubersuggest is a very affordable SEO tool compared to other tools.

You can even use it as a free tool. If you are bootstrapping, the features you get for nothing are beneficial. You don’t have to spend much to get more advanced SEO functions either, such as filters for keyword suggestions.

This SEO tool is only $12 per month for the Individual plan, $20 per month for the Business plan, and $40 per month for the Agency/Enterprise plan.

Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas

There isn’t always enough data to go around. Perhaps experienced bloggers and big sites will require a larger sample of data to get the content ideas they are looking for.

Ubersuggest Keyword research is significant for solopreneurs and medium websites. The Related Keywords tab will show you specific uses for your seed keyword.

Use keyword ideas to find keywords similar to what you searched for. You can reach the most people possible by using various keywords based on this information.

You can break down ideas into different categories like Related, Question Prepositions, and Comparisons to give you more options.

The columns labeled “PD” and “SD” indicate the level of competition for each keyword. Sometimes it is a good idea not to place too much emphasis on keywords with a lot of competition.

Instead, focus on words with higher search volume but less competition. Changing your SEO strategy can significantly impact the traffic you get over time. It’s worth searching for less competitive keyword ideas.

Ubersuggest Related Keywords TabUberSuggest Tabs

Although the data sample may be smaller in some instances, you will still find keywords with less competition. The Questions tab will show you keywords people use to search for answers.

Ubersuggest is better at finding answers than KWFinder. Except for the detail breakdowns, it’s comparable to Answer The Public.

Although I don’t know Neil Patel’s exact process to optimize the algorithm for questions, it is clear that Answer The Public has an advantage: It can find questions quickly and with very little competition.

Top Pages

You can use this tool to determine the content that your competitors are ranking for in SEO. It displays the most popular blogs and shows how many people visit them each month. This will give you many ideas about what content to post and which to avoid.

Keyword analysis can tell you which keywords a domain uses and what monthly search volumes they are achieving.

Content Ideas

The Content ideas section is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors and improve your SEO rankings.

This section will tell you which social media posts and blogs people are reading related to your keyword. It will show you how many shares they have had on various platforms, how many backlinks these posts and blogs have, and how much traffic they are getting.

This tool is an excellent resource if you have trouble coming up with ideas for content on your website. It lets you see exactly which posts customers are searching for and what your competitors are doing.

This is possible by using popular, effective keywords to maximize your reach. Make sure your content is relevant. Your rankings will improve over time, and you’ll get more visitors to your site.

SEO Difficulty & SERP Analysis

Assessing your competition is vital for deciding which keywords to rank for. You can do this with an SEO tool.

Ubersuggest offers features that allow you to analyze the competition. But is it effective? Neil Patel created this metric and it shows how difficult it will be to rank for a keyword.

Each SEO tool has a unique difficulty score. It’s best to use it as a reference point for Ubersuggest data. The tool’s difficulty score is almost always accurate. The SERP Analyzer, however, is even more useful.

Ubersuggest Question Keywords Filter

The Prepositions tab automatically adds modifiers to keyword searches. This sounds pretty cool in theory. 9 out of 10 cases, you’ll only get more questions than you can answer.

It harvests data using Google’s Keyword Planner API and add its algorithms and modifiers to the mix.

Ubersuggest Competition Analysis

These metrics are crucial, and the best SEO tools feature this type of SERP analysis.

It’s not perfect, so it would be good to create a link profile for each website. Ubersuggest could use a tool to change the columns in their dashboard.

You can also use other SEO tools to do this. So, if your niche is competitive, Ahrefs and KWFinder will give you more. Ubersuggest also offers other features that allow you to analyze your competitors.

Analyzing your CompetitionUberSuggest Competition Analysis

The traffic analyzer will show you exact numbers about the domains they are getting and which keywords they rank for.

Scroll down to see more SEO insights. You’ll find the best-performing pages, their social channels, and the countries they target.

Ubersuggest does not analyze the link profile, but you can click on “Backlinks” in the main overview to dig deeper and find data about their backlinks.

Ubersuggest Data on Backlinks

This will give you an idea of the source of your competition’s referral links. These algorithms have two sides. You can use them to analyze your site.

Click on Site Audit to perform an SEO audit. Ubersuggest will provide you with a variety of valuable insights such as:

  • Your keywords
  • Where you can find backlinks

Traffic Analyzer

You will find information about the website’s overall Domain Score, Keywords, and Backlinks at the top of this page. www.Neilpatel.com receives over 3.6 million visits each month from organic traffic.


You have just seen the value of UberSuggest’s free analytical tools. It’s a great asset for improving your website’s search engine rankings and you can have a play with it to see if you should upgrade to get historical data.

Please leave a comment and tell me how you went with trial driving UberSuggest. I aim to give you the information that you need to grow your business now and in the future.

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  1. I currently use Jaaxy to get my keywords. Is ubersuggest better than jaaxy or should I stick with Jaaxy? I always want the best of the best when it comes to my business so I of course want to use the best tool for my keywords. Thank you for your help in advance. 

    • If you are with Wealthy Affiliate you will have Jaaxy Lite keyword finder for free with your hosting so yes Jaaxy is equally great at Ubersuggest. All the tools that are in Ubersuggest are in Jaaxy.


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