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Getting your YouTube channel on the top rank can be tricky sometimes, but once you have good content & SEOViDIQ review practices you will be good to go. In my VidIQ review, I will be showing you a tool that can help you get there.

VidIQ is a YouTube SEO tool. As a YouTube Creator, VidIQ is going to be of massive help for your YouTube SEO journey.

Information To Grow Your Channel

VidIQ is really useful when it comes to researching topics for your videos. It can also improve your YouTube reach.

There are over 30 million YouTube channels globally, and this makes it really intimidating to rank above your competition. In this case, it is highly advisable to hire a YouTube marketing manager for promoting your content.

But it’s fine if you don’t want to because there are different YouTube channel management tools, that you can make use of. Although for this review, we will be only considering ViDIQ.

VidIQ is an amazing YouTube channel management tool that has a great knowledge of YouTube SEO. And it can make your channel successful.

VidIQ has helped thousands of YouTube creators manage and grow their channels effectively. It’s popular for providing Bulk processing features that save time.

It’s the perfect SEO tool for YouTubers and is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

What Does VidIQ Entail?

VidIQ is a YouTube-certified analytics and video marketing software created especially to help YouTube creators. This tool navigates through your channel and gives you a deep understanding of how to rank your content higher.

Features of VidIQ

One feature that is really distinct is Views per Hour (VPH). The best part is that you don’t even need to pay for it. It is FREE.

The tool is loaded with numerous attractive features. And these features are focused on video optimization, bulk processing features, productivity features, and many more.

This helps you in analyzing which videos are trending.

We are going to consider how you can make the most of VidIQ if you are not a YouTuber.

VidIQ enhances your YouTube navigating experience by showing you the Likes to Dislikes ratio of every video.

Install the VidIQ browser extension and scroll through the YouTube feed. You’ll find a small percentage icon displayed alongside every video.

This percentage refers to the number of likes and dislikes on each video. This feature will be of help to you. With this feature, you will easily identify which content is merely clickbait and which video provides you with value.

How Do I Make Use of VidIQ as a Free User?How to use ViDIQ for Free

VidIQ has a free plan that is limited to only some features, but premium packages consist of advanced capabilities. The latter also gives excellent value for your money. ViDIQ is top-rated in its ability to boost your content. 

The free version of VidIQ consists of some basic features that everyone can have access to.

  • Views per Hour (VPH)

Views-per-Hour is a significant metric for ranking on YouTube. It’s the number of views a video gets per hour.

I’ll be discussing how you can select a video topic using views per hour.

For Instance, if you wish to create a video about graphic designing, you can type the keywords out, and a list of top videos will be displayed on your screen.

When you click on any of the top videos, it will show you its view per hour in the Overview tab. Views Per Hour is very necessary to analyze the potential of a topic and see if it can rank high on YouTube.

YouTube Tag Recommendation

VidIQ always renews the YouTube Autocomplete feature in its Tags suggestion. For Instance, if you enter a keyword like “password manager,” you can always find more similar tags in the Recommended Tags column. 

This is an amazing feature to know how to aim at the right audience with accurate keywords.

  • How to Copy Significant Tags from another YouTube Video

Significant tags are very important in reaching the right audience on YouTube. VidIQ shows you the list of tags used in a video related to yours. Then you can directly copy and paste into your videos. Always be careful to use the relevant tags alone, so you can get an amazing outcome for your video.

VidIQ Pro

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of the more advanced features of VidIQ? Then you need to upgrade to VidIQ Pro for a Fair price.  Let’s see what VidIQ Pro has to offer.

The following are the things you can benefit from VidIQ Pro.

  • Graphical Analysis of YouTube Video

Historical Analysis makes use of graphs to show you a channel’s views at different points in time. Videos that don’t have high spikes in their graphs generally tend to perform well eventually.

A Comma-separated value file of this data can also be downloaded. This feature is the best if you’re doing digital marketing for a client.

  • YouTube Keyword Tool

This is another tool you can enjoy from going pro on VidIQ. The YouTube keyword tool can help you search for topics that are most searched on YouTube.

For you to make use of this tool, you just have to click on the Keyword Inspector from the right sidebar. And you can also directly access it from the website.

Once you enter a keyword, it’ll show you a list of top-related keywords with their search quantity and competition. So you can either make videos on the keywords or use them in the form of tags. This is a very appropriate tool for executing keyword research on YouTube.

Competitor Analysis in VidIQCompetitor analysis

This feature is like the Competitor’s VPH feature in the free plan. It’s just that there is no limit on the trending videos of your competitors that you can access.

Analyze the videos trending on your competitors’ channels and draw inspiration from their topics to grow your audience.

  • Find Trending Videos on YouTube with the help of VidIQ.

This is an amazing feature that is helpful when you’re still doing research for your video. Just click on the Most Viewed tab and enter your desired keyword.

You can always sort out your results based on time and views so as to make your search specific. This feature gives you an idea of potential video topics that your audience would like to know about.

Setting Trend Alerts on YouTube

If you are a creator that specifically makes viral content, then the Trend Alerts feature will definitely interest you.

When any video is released with a keyword and receives over 1k views/hour, then you will be notified through your email. You can set your notification to be daily or weekly as you wish.

  • How to Calculate Your Competitors’ View per Hour

With VidIQ’s free version you can only calculate three of your competitors’ views per hour. All you need to do is go to their YouTube channel and click on the trending option. With this, you’ll be able to get their top 6 videos that are trending on their channel. But for you to get their YouTube Analytics data, you need to upgrade to the Professional plan.

  • VidIQ Channel Audit

The Channel Audit feature navigates through your channel to show the following:

  • Videos that are performing well
  • The videos where you have good engagement rates
  • Also, the videos which are gaining more subscribers, and much more.

YouTube Most Viewed Playlist

With the Channel Audit tab, you can search to see which of your playlists are performing the best.

This feature helps you to understand what your audiences are interested in. This enables you to create more content around those things.

It also keeps track of videos that don’t belong to any playlist that does not have a card or end screen. It is very convenient and time-saving.

  • VidIQ’s Description Campaigns

Description Campaigns help you edit your video descriptions all at the same time. For instance, if you want to do a giveaway, you can add a link referring to it in all your videos at once. You can also edit your descriptions of lists or playlists separately.

After you’ve achieved your purpose, you can eventually remove the edited part from all video descriptions at the same time.

  • Mass Edit YouTube Videos

The mass editor feature can edit numerous video descriptions at the same time. It gives you the liberty to search and replace particular content in all videos at once.

  • VidIQ’s Preview in Search

Preview in Search feature allows you to preview your thumbnail ahead of other competitors for the same keyword. It is essential in the designing of a beautiful and elegant thumbnail that exceeds the others. This way, your videos will be more click-worthy!

The important role of a Thumbnail is to increase your click ratio.

Facebook Syndication Through VidIQFacebook syndication through ViDIQ

The VidIQ Facebook syndication feature gives you the right to directly publish your video to your Facebook profile easily.

  1. What you need to do is connect your Facebook account to VidIQ.
  2. Then go to your YouTube creator studio and press the VidIQ tool button right next to your YouTube videos. The VidIQ panel will automatically open and you’ll find a list of options.
  3. Click on the “Send to Facebook” button. The next screen will be displayed. You will have to fill out the Facebook syndication options. Then fill in the necessary things you’re asked for.
  • How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Using VidIQ

VidIQ helps you grow your YouTube Channel effectively by using features like:

  • Keyword Research for analyzing the volume and competition from a list of relevant keywords
  • Tag Suggestions for downloading including the tags used by other creators
  • Keyword Engine to make your video’s Meta descriptions more user-friendly to your YouTube audience.

Cost of Plans

  1. Basic – Free
  2. Pro – $7.50 US per month
  3. Boost – $39 US per month
  4. Boost + $415 US per month for personalized Coaching.

VidlQ Boost Plan

This boost plan helps you access all the features we’ve mentioned before with a few extra features.

  • VidIQ Keyword Engine

We all know that Keyword is a great tool when it comes to YouTube marketing. Likewise, a keyword engine is very essential for keyword research.

When you enter a keyword and click on the Boost button, it will unlock a broad list of highly ranked tags to use in your videos. You are free to boost up to 40 videos in a month with the help of the Boost plan.

  • Keyword Suggestion in your Description and Title

This is another extra feature of the boost plan. To include an adequate number of keywords in your video. And the Keyword Engine will tell you the keywords to include in your description and the title. This will keep you ahead of other YouTubers and it will help you with your SEO issues.

  • VidIQ Learning Platform

VidIQ owns an educational platform called the VidIQ Academy. This helps YouTubers grow their channel and build a great audience base.

This academy offers courses that are educational and informative. The following are the topics that you get to learn when you enroll in the academy.

  • How to do keyword research
  • Launching your first YouTube video
  • How you can shoot your first YouTube video
  • Makin the best use of VidIQ and so on.


VidIQ is a useful tool that I would recommend to anyone that uses YouTube. This tool is necessary and a must-have forA gold star product in ViDIQ

YouTube content creators, YouTube marketers, SEO specialists, digital agencies, startup brands, and so on.

It has free plan features, and the upgraded Pro version is an excellent one for gaining access to its advanced SEO features. The VidIQ tool has a way of giving the needed boost to your YouTube for Channel growth.

VidIQ is worth every penny you put into it – especially if you are a YouTuber that generates constant revenue from your channel. It will not only reduce the time you spend on keyword research. It will also make it super convenient to market your videos in a very amazing way.

If you can’t afford it, you can always check out the free plan. Although it has limited features, it’s still good for the newbie and even non-YouTubers.

So make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing tool, and spend the time to explore.

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share.

Thanks for visiting.


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  1. If you want to really compete with others, you have to do whatever is in your ability to get ahead of them. This means using the same tools, or rather even more and even better tools than them. There’s a saying: “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying”. Of course consistent quality content should be the foundation, but on top of that, you should also do what
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    • I can see that you have been around for a while and understand that it is a journey of discovery to get the most out of your business using all the tools around. I’m pleased that you enjoyed my article.

  2. Vidiq is an excellent video analytics tool. I have used it for more than 1 year and it has been a companion when it comes to choosing a keyword topic on which to create video and analyzing how well my video is perform. I have used the 7.5 usd monthly and I have not seen any reason to regret signing up on the platform 

    • To get ahead we need to find good tools that help us to target our marketing and it is great to know that VidIQ is really working for you. It is a very reasonable cost to get such great value. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Great post on a subject I’d not even thought about.

    I’ve not ventured into YouTube and it’s uses as a digital marketing tool and the app you’ve reviewed certainly looks like one to get when I  do start adding video to my arsenal.

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