Walmart Affiliate Program Review 2021: Promote the #1 US Retailer

Walmart is the Number One US retailer. They have trusted buyers who areWalmart affiliate program review

comfortable buying from them on a regular basis and it’s a key benefit of the affiliate program. In my Walmart affiliate program review, I will look closely at the company and its affiliate program.

Similar to Amazon, Walmart has its basis in the product category. And each product category has a commission rate attached to it. Walmart, unlike the Target Affiliate Program, offers many categories for affiliates.

As an affiliate, you need to examine the commission rate that fits your niche and then determine whether to invest in it or not.

The Walmart Affiliate Program

If you are looking for a replacement for Amazon or you need another affiliate program to add to your other affiliate list, Walmart is just the right network for you. At many locations in the US, Walmart is the most trusted or Number One retailer.

This is because some affiliate networks like Amazon are not trusted by the buyers and their impact on the retail community is not trusted either.

For affiliates, the new commission rates of Amazon imply that many Walmart products will pay more than Amazon products. So test out the two conversion rates offered by Amazon and Walmart before switching between the two.

How to Join the Walmart Affiliate Program

The Walmart Affiliate Program is easy to join. It is managed by Impact Radius andData for Walmart

here are the three steps to get started with the Walmart Affiliate Program.

To start with, you need to fill in your email address, username, and password in your application. Then you will disclose to Walmart how you will represent their products and promote them.

Walmart approves all applications; just go to the Walmart Affiliate Program website and follow the procedure.

Walmart Products for Your Niche

On its website, Walmart provides a lot of different products. In regards to products, it is the only website that is close to Amazon.

On its website are different categories of products such as: 

  • kitchen appliances 
  • musical instruments 
  • baby apparel 
  • electronics 
  • furniture
  • and fashion

The large variety of products on their website gives you plenty of room for affiliates to earn commissions from different products in the same niche. Remember, for every product, the rate of commission is different.

Walmart Commission Rates and Payout

Here is the current structure for commission rates by category:

  • Toys: – 4%
  • Baby: – 4%
  • Books: – 4%
  • Beauty: – 4%
  • Clothings: -4%
  • Home: -4%
  • Health: -4%
  • Photo: -1%
  • Jewelry: -4%

As you can see above, Walmart pays based on the fee schedule ranging from 1% to 4%. When choosing your product, make sure it agrees with your audience.Walmart discount group

For instance, if your niche focuses on beauty, it is no use writing reviews on toys. So before you get involved with the Walmart Affiliate program, consider if your niche pays, at least a commission rate of 4%.

Affiliate Tools and Support

Walmart has a lot of affiliate tools you can use to sell your products efficiently.

Walmart Affiliate SDK

In Walmart, there exist tools for websites, android, and iOS. The SDK is a place where you can get call-to-action items, e.g. Buy Now button. Also, you get a JavaScript button (good for apps and websites) and an HTML button (to easily insert into your page content).

The button is easy to use and is available in different formats. You can find the details of SDK on the Walmart Affiliate Program.

WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin was designed as an avenue to make the selling of your products easier. WordPress is also used by affiliates to review and write articles for their niche. As an affiliate, you can create Walmart ads while writing your article and, also, you can provide item banners, link Walmart products, and so on.

It’s been four years since the last update of the WordPress Plugin. This means that the current version of WordPress can pose problems or a security risk. To find more information, you can visit the Walmart website.

Chrome Extensions

To find and sell your products, there are two Chrome extensions to help you with that:

The deals extension

This chrome extension helps you find deals and even, promotions that you can give to your audience. It uses the Special Feeds API to find Bestsellers, Clearance, and Special Buys for affiliates.

Walmart Chrome Extension

This is the second chrome extension. This chrome extension has exceptional searchability and it is offered by Walmart itself. This extension helps to generate banners and links for your Affiliate ID.

Walmart API

The Walmart API is for both developers and power users. There are five API with different functions namely:

  • Data feed API: It helps to give you the real price and availability of products
  • Special Feeds API: It offers specials like Bestsellers, Rollback, Clearance, Special Buys, Pre-orders, etc
  • Search API: It helps you to look for products
  • Product Lookup API: Use this function if you know a Product ID
  • Taxonomy API: To find departments, categories, and subcategories based on the taxonomy

How to Promote Walmart Products to Your Audience

Promoting Walmart products is simple. Find products that tally with your audience. Then use Walmart and the third-party tool to search for products and links for your affiliate program.

Walmart has a variety of products available, so surely, you will find products for your niche. Before you get involved, make sure that the commission rate is good.

Most affiliates make sales with content marketing. Create high-quality content that is sure to get a high ranking on Google. When people see your content and follow your link, they will be redirected to Walmart and when they make a purchase, you earn money through commissions.

Should You Become A Walmart Affiliate?

In Walmart, there are a lot of products and supporting tools. These are all helpful things useful for your niche. Products in Walmart can be returned, so customers can feel comfortable buying from them online.

So as long as the product has a 4% commission, go for it and become an affiliate for Walmart.


It’s predicted that within the next 20 years, a major shift will occur – and only about 5Community with Walmart

percent of shopping will be done at physical stores. Because of this, affiliates are depending on e-commerce stores that ensure clients have products delivered to their doorstep.

Becoming an affiliate has a lot of benefits. Join Walmart and enjoy its benefits now!!

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8 thoughts on “Walmart Affiliate Program Review 2021: Promote the #1 US Retailer”

  1. Very good article, it is very useful for people looking for an affiliate program similar to Amazon. Although a lot of them say that Amazon and in this case Walmart give a low commission rate I think people are more likely to buy from globally known sites like these two.
    This is just my opinion and they are great for my niche because there are so many choices. Great article.

    • Hi Barbara, you are correct. The commission is low but then again I guess something is better than nothing. I’m so pleased that they really work in your niche.

  2. Hi Lily! Well, thanks for sharing! Personally, I think Walmart affiliate is a great place to shop! Just like Amazon. They also use a good affiliate network. With these, I find it terrific that they have their own Affiliate Program. They quickly work on a global basis with millions of Publishers/Affiliates. 

    • I’m so pleased that you were able to get some value out of this review Walmart is definitely a great option for affiliate marketers.

  3. Great post, I have heard of Walmart, but we don’t have them in Australia. I think our equivalent is K-Mart. 
    I run a few websites which are worldwide so might have a look into their affiliate program. I should still be able to join, do you know if they have country restrictions?

  4. Great overview of Walmart’s affiliate program. I was aware they had an affiliate program but I was not familiar with their pay rates. It seems that like Amazon, their pay rates are quite low. Depending on how popular your niche is, this could be fine for generating decent amounts of revenue each month but certain niches may profit more from promoting high ticket conversions instead. All in all though, great article. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Rachel, you are correct that neither Amazon nor Walmart pays well but as you say in the right niche you could be making a nice regular income. It’s all about which niche. So pleased that you learned some things about this great company.


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