Wealthy Affiliate vs. Wix: Which is Better?

Wealthy Affiliate hosts all my websites. They provide all the resources (Text-based and Video-based), whereas Wix offers aWealthy Affiliate vs Wix website for free that could end up costing you a lot more. It won’t give you the right to create your own website. They can also modify or delete any piece of content they wish. So this is my Wealthy Affiliate vs Wix review, and yes I am biased towards Wealthy affiliate as it is the host that I chose after doing all my research years ago.

Why I chose to do a Wix vs. Wealthy Affiliate Review

Most people who use Wix are newbies when it comes to building websites. Wix is such a well-known blogging platform that most people believe it will help them build a successful online business. But I disagree. Wealthy Affiliate offers all the training you need and more, it’s not just a hosting platform. Wix offers no training!

Every new person coming into the internet world to create a website can’t realize the technical aspects that they will need to know to run a profitable website. And if they only look at the cost of hosting, it is easy to miss the learning aspect that is crucial to anyone’s success. Without training, technical support, and community answers you will surely fail.

Yearly Plans Save You Big Money

You can subscribe to Wealthy affiliate using a yearly plan that can bring the cost down. You will find this plan much cheaper than the monthly subscription plan. Every premium user gets the Jaaxy Lite Keyword tool for free, 120 lessons, security, technical help, and a very supportive community.

You can also earn recurring commissions with Jaaxy. When you upgrade to the Wealthy Affiliate yearly plan, your subscription payments will drop to $29.92 per month or even to around $22 US a month on a Black Friday Special. You can also become an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate and earn from promoting the platform but that’s not the only reason why I love it. I don’t know about you but as a newbie 2 years ago I needed to learn masses about each of the technical aspects of running a website and a community that would answer any questions 24/7.

Wix Basic Business plan is $22 US a month just for hosting, nothing else.

Wealthy Affiliate now offers a six-month premium subscription plan too.

A Direct Comparison of Wix and Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Wix is just for hosting your website, there is no instruction or learning community attached.

These are some other points I would like to mention. Wix is not a platform for training, it’s only a CMS (Content Management System). This is my own personal opinion on why Wix wouldn’t work for many people.

Wealthy Affiliate is so glowing that I don’t have to write a lot of reviews. It makes sense to me to compare it fairly with Wix. For complete beginners, Wix seems the easiest option but they soon find that they need to learn more to build a business. Both Wix and Wealthy affiliate offer a free startup account with templates but only Wealthy Affiliate offers technical support for every step in creating your website and lessons to help you through all stages. They will also teach you how to make money online!

As a successful Local Business Marketer, I’m aware of many price comparisons and real losses in brick-and-mortar businesses using Wix websites. This is something I researched. I was sick of all the complaints that Wix users had about their Wix-built websites.

Let’s get started

Inauguration: 2006

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

Avishai Abrahami is the CEO.

Founders: Avishai Abrahami * Nadav Abrahami * Giora Kaplan

Wix, is it free?

Wix is completely free “For hosting basics.”

The Wix content management system is in direct competition to WordPress which is a better alternative and it’s much simpler and cheaper.

It is possible to create beautiful websites in WordPress through Wealthy Affiliate (42.6% of all websites worldwide are run on WordPress). Drag and drop are all you need. You are now ready to go. It’s going to look so amazing that you could show it to anyone and prove that it’s your masterpiece. You can even buy your domain name from Wealthy Affiliate at a competitive price. It only takes 10 minutes to set up a free website with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Wix

Real Live Costs

I won’t be talking about how to use basic plans. Just to give you an idea of the cost to start your own online business, I want to show you what it would take. People use Wix as a secondary website. Using it basically won’t earn you a penny. You need to be an SEO expert to be able to rank high with a Wix website.

You will need to purchase apps. Prices change frequently and this can be frustrating for some people. Sometimes they don’t even work. This is not good news for any business that wants to make money. You’ll lose money if you don’t have the apps.

Some people create websites, monetize their blogs, and make money, while others start a blog with the intention to drive traffic to their bricks-and-mortar business.

For those who desire to create online stores, payment systems can be frustrating and you can’t do a virtual tour. The “360 Virtual Showroom” is essential for a jewelry shop. This is not possible with Wix. They don’t have any apps that allow for customization.

Wix doesn’t have plugins, as I mentioned above. Instead, it uses apps you’ll need to buy over the long haul. It does not have its own email servers. Gsuite is $5 per month. To be clear, its storage will not be available for Wix websites. People can only use it for emails and files.

Common issues for Wix Users

Wix does not allow external hosting. This may cause website loading issues in some geographical areas. What are your options for fixing the Wix hosting environment? Wix comes with a CDN built-in to help speed up page load times from different locations.

Creating multilingual websites is not possible with Wix.

Wix prohibits you from selling products on Google. Affiliate marketing is a great way for small businesses to market their products, but unfortunately, Wix doesn’t allow this marketing model in its network.

You cannot do affiliate marketing on a Wix website.

Google cannot sync it with its network. Wix prohibits affiliate links, except when you are using their ad plans.

Google Can’t Sync with Wix

The way it buffers you with coupons for Google Ads is enunciating. It’s everywhere. You receive them via email every day. Get free ads worth $75 or the $300 coupon. They won’t tell you that you have to buy first before you can get this with Google. They simply don’t have any connection with Google.

Google My Business is completely free, but they also encourage it as an up-sell. However, they stress that the service is absolutely free from Google. This alone can shut anyone out of Wix.

The biggest Upsell costs $34 per month. Premium apps are $17 per month if you just want one of the best. This is the price you would pay to have an online shop. There is no training provided. It’s up to you to do the job. The cost of premium apps will increase in the future.

The Pricing and upsells for Wix Aren’t Cost-effective.

Wix is expensive if you are serious about making money online. It’s not worth it for your bricks-and-mortar business. This will not bring in customers or clients. It is nothing more than a portrait for your wall, even with all the upsells and big apps. This is part of why I chose Wealthy Affiliate. I also prefer WordPress as a solid and easy dashboard for my website.

Why did I Choose Wealthy Affiliate over Wix or any other Platform?

WA was an instant hit. It was a pleasant surprise to find that I could access information on their site without signing up. They also offered a free membership that allowed me to access a small number of the tools they had.

Although some of these tools are limited and expire after a while, they allow you to remain a free member for as long as you wish. You have enough tools to host two websites and can build them all for free.

We all Need an Education

WA’s strong education program and support system are what made it stand out among the other website brands. Over a decade has passed to develop their extensive library of resources and courses that will help you create an online business. If you have a question then Wealthy Affiliate has an answer in their library.

You also have access to thousands of other members, from beginners to mentors, at no extra cost. Ask any questions. You will receive responses within seconds. It’s more than a website hosting platform. It’s a culture and a university. All this for one price!

Wealthy Affiliate is my choice over Wix or any other website-building service. This is due to the support and training that the WA community provides. Other services don’t give you the same sense of belonging. You might not think you will need it when you are new but believe me we all need support and encouragement.


Wealthy Affiliate works in the same way as a full scholarship to a college or university. You can access the library, free classes, and lectures, as well as the lunchroom blog. In a virtual atrium, you can also discuss any topic with all the professors and students and not feel stupid asking basic questions. You are encouraged every step of the way and can choose to be as involved as you want in the community.

Building a website and creating any business can take years. The learning curve can be steep and having resources at your fingertips is essential to your ultimate success.

Don’t take my word for it, you can read all about how to start a business for free and make money from Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Wix

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share. Don’t be shy, tell me what you think!

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12 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate vs. Wix: Which is Better?”

  1. It will always be Wealthy Affiliate and the others. The power WA brings to the market in terms branding is incomparable. Having all the resources from trainings, website design lessons and mostly the community which enables collaboration interesting. Again, how can we forget that you can earn credits from WA unlike Wix. Wealthy Affiliate is the game changer. 

    • Absolutely, it really isn’t a contest. I only wish that more new people knew that they will really need the training resources to be successful and not just go for the lowest price for hosting and then have to move later. I guess it’s all part of the learning process.

  2. I also agree that Wealthly Affiliate is a great host for anyone wanting to create a website. The community involvement is great and there is none stop assistance anytime you need it. The site support response in a timely manner and is always very helpful. I would recommend anyone to Wealthy Affiliates.

    • Hi Marty, I’m so pleased that you have found that Wealthy Affiliate fits all the reasons that I listed. I shudder to think of any new people out there trying to build a website business on their own. This is such a safe haven to learn, grow and be supported on the long journey to success.

  3. In my experience, I have also found Wealthy Affiliate is far far far superior to Wix. Wealthy Affiliate is super affordable and you can’t beat the training and support. I love how easy it was to create a professional-looking website through WordPress. I’m not tech-savvy, so I needed a program that would handle the hard stuff for me and WA does just that.

    • It really is an outstanding learning and hosting platform Alicia. I’m so pleased that you have found a home to build your business and that you have found it easy. I’m not tech-savvy either and I really wanted to learn how it all works while I was building my business. I found the community support a lovely feature and the lessons seem to answer all my questions too. Welcome.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful platform, especially for beginners. I love the fact that you are not pressured and you can work at your own pace. You can review the lessons as often as you need. It is a great platform to meet and communicate with like minded individual. There are no hidden costs

    • I think that you have nailed it, Diana. All these features are keys to our success. I know that as a baby boomer it was going to take me a bit longer to absorb and implement what I was learning but knowing that I could take my time felt great and now 2 years later I have a lovely income. I’m still doing lessons and learning more every day and it’s a joy to be part of the community helping others.

  5. Hi Lily, I guess I can count myself lucky that I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate when I did and I didn’t have to go through the pain of trying other providers first. Funnily enough, I had heard of Wix but not through familiarity with its scope of services, but just because for a while it was an interesting stock play. In fact, it did really well for me up until about February this year, and then it has been on a downward trend from that peak ever since. From what I can see though, it does look as if Wix is more suited for someone who just wants to build a website maybe for a social club or an existing brick and mortar business. It is not suitable for someone who wants to build an online business as an affiliate marketer. Well, I am glad I didn’t have to learn through making that mistake. Thanks for a great review, Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy, I’m so pleased that you didn’t have to learn the hard way. I had seen pins for Wix on Pinterest and although I had been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while I thought that I should check them out. I’m happy that I found Wealthy Affiliate first or I wouldn’t have known what was missing from Wix and been disappointed.

      Welcome to our happy community Andy and I look forward to watching your progress over the years to come.

  6. I wish I had seen your article when I was initially trying to figure out a program for blogging.  I tried a couple which did not include Wix.  When I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I found that it was cost effective.  Your article emphasized the training and support offered by WA to every member.  You also mentioned that members have access to unlimited experience within the WA community.  The keyword tool and full access to Word Press only make it more impressive.  You were smart to begin the article by saying that you chose WA.  I do wish I had seen this article.  It would have save me some money and some time in developing my blog.  WA is definitely a great choice for anyone wanting to develop an online business.


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