WebTalk Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

If you’ve been told about WebTalk and you’re wondering if it’s worth the price, then you’ve come to the right place. In myWebTalk review 2021: Is it worth It? WebTalk review, I will give you all the tips and tricks to make the most of this essential platform for your business.

I joined the WebTalk community recently and in this review, I’m going to show you:

  • What WebTalk is all about
  • Who is the owner of WebTalk?
  • How it works
  • What you will derive from your investment
  • The cost involved
  • The pros, cons, and my two cents

Webtalk review

With any further ado, let’s get going…

Overview of WebTalk:

Company name: WebTalk

Site Address: https://webtalk.co

Founder: Robert Garbowicz

Pricing: $0-$40 monthly

Product category: Social network for brands

Is WebTalk legit? Yes

While you’re still on this page, ensure you properly learn about this program and find out how you can earn revenue.

About WebTalk

WebTalk is a social media network started in the year 2010 and designed on a CRM system to help users collaborate withWebTalk friends and family and also grow their business.

If you want to grow your brand with a social media platform like Facebook, you must create a personal and professional account.

WebTalk offers both free and premium memberships and you can access lots of integrated features with these packages.

It’s another social media site that allows you to do almost the same thing you do with other social media networks like Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

For example, on WebTalk, as you do on Facebook,

  • you can create posts, 
  • like and comment on other people’s posts, photos, and videos.
  • As a member, you can contact other members the way you do when you’re using the Facebook Messenger app.

Who is the Owner of WebTalk?

The brain behind WebTalk is Robert Garbowicz. He’s the CPO/CEO/owner of WebTalk. Started in 2010.

What Does the Platform Have to Offer?

Unlike conventional social networks, WebTalk has a free and premium version for site owners who want to grow their brands using its advanced features.

You can connect with up to 5000 friends, but you are restricted on the number of messages you can send to other users within a month, the number of friends you can connect with in your own network, and lots more, as a free user.

To remove restrictions, go beyond the 50 contacts limit, and make the most out of this network, you must be a pro member.

What’s the Cost Involved?

As a free user, you are restricted to just 50 contacts as I previously mentioned earlier in this review.What's the cost for WebTalk

If you want to access more advanced features and WebTalk is a good fit for your brand, then you can choose from the two pro versions:

1. Pro Plan, which costs $20 per month or $200 yearly!

With this membership package, you can:

  • 5 messages monthly to non- WebTalk users – this is the feature that lets you invite non-members to the platform and they will be placed as your referral when they accept your invitation and join. When they make a purchase, you’ll also earn a 10% commission.
  • 500 contacts within your own network
  • 5 email messages
  • No banner ads
  • You can see who viewed your profile

2. Pro Plus which costs $30 per month or $300 yearly

  • 10 messages monthly to non-connected WebTalk users
  • 1000 contacts within your own network
  • 10 email messages

3. Pro Platinum Plan, which costs $40 monthly or $400 yearly

With this membership package, you can:

  • 20 spotlight posts
  • Unlimited contacts in your network
  • Search users based on gender, age, and more
  • Access other members’ profiles incognito
  • 20 messages monthly to non-connected members of WebTalk

If you want to promote to a target audience, this is a superb feature.

Based On an MLM Design

As a pro platinum user, you earn $20 (10 %) when you refer another Pro Platinum user and that goes down to five levels (available only for a limited time as said by the owner.)

Here is a quick breakdown of how your team is structured when they join as an affiliate member:

  • 1st Level – This level of your uni-level plan will only have your personally referred members on it.
  • 2nd Level – This level of your uni-level plan will only have members that your personally sponsored members refer to WebTalk.
  • 3rd Level – This level of your uni-level plan will only have members that your 2nd level members refer into WebTalk.
  • and so on…

There is a kind of twist to the number of members that can participate in the residual commissions.

The claim that the company makes is they are only offering the residual MLM commissions to the first 1 Million affiliate members that join the program.

Can You Earn Money with WebTalk?Can you earn money with WebTalk?

The simple answer to that question is yes and no simply as your success will be determined by your marketing expertise.

  • You can earn indirectly from the platform by selling your own products or other members’ products or services. And that’s feasible once you really know what you’re doing.
  • You can grow a specific audience around a brand and later convert them into customers by using a sales funnel.
  • An alternative way to earn with WebTalk is through its referral program.
  • As a free user, you will earn a 5% commission per referral
  • As a pro user, you will earn a 10% commission each time your free referrals upgrade to the pro versions.

If you are a pro platinum user, you’ll even earn passive income from your referrals when they also refer new users and that extends to five levels down.

As a free user, you can qualify for the MLM program once you have referred at least one pro user. With that condition satisfied, you’ll also earn referral commissions down to five levels deep.

Keep in mind that you don’t earn any commission from people joining you on Facebook.

Earn with WebTalk

Some extra ways you will earn through your WebTalk Network:

  • 10% of any ad spend that is done by your personally sponsored members will be paid to you in commissions.
  • 10% of any advertised local services that are purchased by your WebTalk members will be paid to you in commissions.
  • 2% to 9% when a product is purchased through the WebTalk news feed will be paid to you in commissions.
  • 5% of all app subscriptions sold via the internal app store will be paid to you in commissions.

It might be time for you to look at creating your own website to start a business. Leave that 9 -5 job behind forever.

Make money while you are still working


Pros and Cons of WebTalk

The Pros

  • It’s completely free to join
  • By doing almost the same thing that you would do on traditional social media like Facebook, you can earn extra money
  • You can separate your personal network from your professional network as people join you
  • You can filter what information you want to see show up in your timeline or feeds
  • It’s a unique platform for site owners to build their brand

The Cons

  • You must refer at least one pro user to get qualified for its MLM program
  • The free membership plan limits you to only 50 contacts
  • You see lots of annoying ads if you are a free user
  • The platform has been in beta mode since its inception

Is Webtalk a Legit?

Yes, WebTalk is a legit platform where business owners are allowed to advertise their business and earn moneyIs WebTalk Legit? online.

Also, it allows people to test out its free membership plan first before they decide to take action.

My Two Cents

Being a social media platform, WebTalk offers additional features (like geo-targeting) that will help members promote their brand proficiently.

But to be candid, it’s a platform where every user is aiming to sell one thing or the other to others. The referral program is the major source through which most people make money in the community. But as a prolific affiliate marketer, you can utilize the platform to earn leads and sales for your brand.

As a free user, you will find the platform annoying. But if you upgrade your account to any of the pro packages, you will make the most out of it.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment, like, and share. Thank you. 


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  1. Hi, Lily! Thanks for this article WebTalk Review 2021: Is It Worth It? I’ve heard of WebTalk before, but I’ve never taken the time to take a closer look at what exactly WebTalk is, how it works, and what the options are. In your well-crafted article, I have now received all the necessary information and answers to the questions I have had. Thanks!
    I’m just researching different social networks right now, and maybe I’ll join WebTalk as well.
    I wish you all the best

  2. I have heard about Webtalk before, but never realised that it is a social network site. I like that you can separate your personal and professional contacts, which makes Webtalk ideal for business use. 

    Thank you for a very informative review and I will be joining the network as a free user to see if it will fit my needs. I can then upgrade later.

  3. I’ve seen a few reviews about WebTalk before and I’ve been interested in trying it. It’s good that it’s free to try for those who want to see if the platform will work for them or not before they have to commit to a membership plan. This honestly sounds very similar to CashJuice and GlobalMoneyLine.

    • Sounds like you have given all of them a good research, so it is great that you enjoyed the read about WebTalk. This is a great community to get involved with and promote your business.


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