What is AWeber Used for? (Create a Landing Page)

You can use AWeber to build a landing page, create pop-up forms, automate marketing,What is Aweber used for? and build an email list. While it’s used in a number of ways, this post will focus on how we use AWeber to build a landing page and generate lots of sales.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to make more sales with the right techniques. It is easy to create a landing page, but it can still seem daunting.

Apart from the obvious advantages of collecting email subscribers to your business, you can start with Aweber for Free up to 500 subscribers and $29 US a month up to 2500 subscribers, etc, it is super easy to use. Get started now with Aweber Free.

What Can You Use Aweber For?

  1. Collect Email subscribers for your autoresponder
  2. Create a Pop-Up on your website for an email list
  3. Automate Marketing to your subscriber list
  4. Create a landing page to sell products or to collect subscribers

Why Should You Create a Captivating Landing Page?

It takes less than an hour to create a landing page and you will start making sales very quickly.

A product might be something you want to sell. Let’s imagine you are an author trying to sell your new book. It is possible to build a landing page that is focused on selling one book. It could contain an image of the cover art and a brief description.

Before I show you the 8 steps you need to create a landing page, let me first state exactly what a landing page is.

A landing webpage is a web page with a single purpose. Most likely, the goal is to sell products or services, collect email addresses, or drive signups at an event or webinar. In this case, the landing page will have imagery, text, and headers that are targeted at specific audiences.

The best landing page is…

  • Focused – without distractions linking back to a website
  • Direct – leading visitors into a clear action
  • Simple, with good imagery and headlines

The average conversion rate on landing pages is 26%. That’s 13X greater than the average website conversion of 2%.

You can multiply your marketing results tenfold by following this simple step. This is a great way to get a return on your investment.

If you already have a website, then you likely spent lots of money and time creating it. So why not also build landing pages?

There are many other reasons why landing pages should be used for your business.

  • You can use landing pages for testing. After you become an expert at landing page creation, you can compare the pages to find which product, audience, or marketing tactic is most effective for your company.
  • They are easy to set up and require no design or coding skills. AWeber allows you to access drag-and-drop tools and templates that can help guide your steps.

8 Steps to Create a Landing Page that Converts

These steps will help you get your landing pages up and running in just an hour.

1. Set a Goal

These are questions to help you get started if you’re not sure where to look.Aweber landing page converts

What action would you expect them to take on landing? No matter if it’s “buy product”, “sign up to an event”, or “fill out a form,” you should have only one action that you want your visitor to take.

How can it be of benefit to them? Give the visitor 2 or 3 reasons you have the best solution to their problem. Once you’ve established your goal, write it down in a sentence.

  • Do you target a specific market or a group of people?
  • Who are your ideal prospects?
  • What do they want?
  • Can you find their pain points?

This is what makes landing pages so successful in converting visitors. However, you should start with a precise result in mind.

2. Create conversion-focused Headlines

Make a few headlines and send them to some friends and colleagues for feedback. The more you see your headline, the more you’ll be able to improve it.

Even though only 20 percent of people may read your headline, it should still provide benefits and people should be able to easily scan it in under a minute. You should direct every word of your text to the goal you defined in step 1.

The headline alone will attract 80% of your visitors to your site. However, the remainder will only read 20% of the content.

What is the main problem that you are solving? This is how you call out a specific audience.

You should focus your text on the benefits readers will get from your offer. Use bulleted lists and keep sentences short.

Edit all writing after you are done. Small errors can cause loss of conversions and even lower brand trust.

3. Pick one of the Provided Page Templates

Templates may include images, placeholder text, and logos. You can modify the template’s layout to fit your brand or goal if it suits you.

Templates are also industry-neutral and you can design them to drive the action your visitors want to take.

Most platforms will provide templates, which are pre-built and ready for your use. There are many templates available in AWeber that will suit your industry.

You can build your landing page entirely from scratch, instead of using a template. Drag-and-drop editors are common on most platforms including AWeber.

4. Stay True to Your Brand Use Your Colors and Logo

Add a high-quality logo to your landing pages’ header and footer. You can either use a template to design your page or drag and drop builders. Make sure that background colors and any other elements reflect the company’s brand.

The style of your landing pages doesn’t necessarily have to match that of your main site (if you have one), but they should be similar.

5. Add Click-Worthy Visualsvisuals for Aweber Landing Page

Imagery will not speak for itself, however. Make sure to place your image right next to or above your headline, CTA.

Include imagery that depicts the product or service you are selling. Perhaps you can include a photo of what your viewer will feel when clicking your CTA. Is that how they will feel once they accept your invitation?

The tone of your landing pages is just as important as your header. Pick one that is rich in compelling imagery

6. Intrigue Visitors with Your Call to Action Button

Once you have created your CTA text, create a button. Ensure it does what you want, linking to a page and completing purchases or signing up for a newsletter.

You can be creative and instill a sense of urgency and fear of missing the opportunity. A call-to-action (CTA) is a text, link, or button that asks your potential customers for action.

Your button should stand out against the background by using bold colors. Make sure it serves one purpose: To encourage visitors to click the button. Be sure to make your CTA visible.

7. Publish Your Page

A landing page isn’t the same as an email. After it goes live, you can still make any changes to it. Check it again for any typos and formatting errors. Also, make sure you check your CTA correctly before you click Publish.

It is possible to also connect your domain during this step. AWeber can help you build your landing pages. You can also publish them to an auto-generated URL.

However, your landing page URL may not match your domain. Different platforms have different directions for adding domains.

8. Boost Your Page with Free and Paid Promotions

Promote your page to get people to visit it. You can use these promotion techniques to drive people to your landing page.

Sponsorships – No matter if you want to advertise on a podcast and/or local news site, you can set up landing pages just for that audience.

Social media – Link the landing page to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram bios.

Paid Advertising – Match your target audience with the ideal landing page for your PPC advertising to increase conversions.

Email marketing – Include your page in an email campaign to promote a discount or target a particular segment of your subscribers.


AWeber makes it easy to build landing pages (or more) for free. There are many other ways to grow your business, including 2-step opt-ins, eCommerce embeds, and free templates.

AWeber offers a landing page that can boost conversions. Now that you know the basics, it’s time you get started.

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8 thoughts on “What is AWeber Used for? (Create a Landing Page)”

  1. Great article explaining the benefits of AWeber, especially for creating a landing page and making sales! I have never personally used AWeber but I know a lot of well known brick and mortar and online businesses do. After your article I plan to look into the service a lot more and see how it can be beneficial to my current ventures. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the great thoughts Daniel. There are so many tools out there that sometimes it is hard to decide which will fill our needs. I hope that Aweber helps you to grow in your business.

  2. Can you clarify this for me? I always assumed that a landing page could come across as “sale-sy” and turn off many visitors. Is there a certain type of site or content that a landing page would work well with? Is there a type of site or content that a landing page would not complement well? Maybe I don’t understand what a landing page actually is, because from what you cover in this article, it sounds like it can be an asset!

    • A landing page is designed to ask for just one action. That could be a call to buy or just to subscribe. If you promote benefits you won’t come across as salesy. 

  3. I love that you can try AWeber for free to see if you like it compared to other similar companies. Too many times I have paid for a service like this only to find it difficult to use. Then I have to go through the hassle of canceling. Another thing I like about AWeber is their templates. They are a great starting point and can be customized quickly to match your brand and message. 

    • so true Alicia. I think that is what attracted me first to Aweber. Being able to start free and see if it was easy to use made all the difference, now I use it every day. It also has simple newsletter templates to change to suit each month.

  4. Hi there 

    awesome article on Aweber. Until now, I have never come across this great tool that makes it easy for creating landing pages. Even without images, your write-up makes it easy and clear. 

    I love the fact that mentioned other familiar ways to create landing pages but stressed out the importance and advantage of Aweber over others. 

    I will definitely be looking at the free version. if it does what I need, then I will upgrade. 

    • I’m so pleased that you enjoyed reading about Aweber Akumendoh. This is a great tool as an autoresponder and you can use it for free up to 500 subscribers and create a landing page in it as well without upgrading.


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