What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick offers many essential features to marketers who want to optimize and trackWhat is ClickMagic?

their marketing activities and increase their ROI. It’s great to get more subscribers and make sales, but understanding the traffic response to your offers is what will allow you to maximize your profits and take your business to the next level.

ClickMagick is a click tracking system that offers a variety of tools to increase conversions. Click tracking is more than just a free tool (14-day trial). It allows you to test prices, payment methods, and sales copy.

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a web-based app that helps you track and optimize marketing efforts. It allows you to set up tracking links. ClickMagick will track who clicked on your links and (if configured correctly) which clicks led you to sales.

ClickMagick also has advanced features that I will discuss in the remainder of this review.

Part 1: A look inside ClickMagick

  • Create your tracking links

ClickMagick’s bread and butter are tracking links. A tracking link’s purpose is to track visitors who visit it. It also collects other data, such as their location, browser used, device, and so forth.

You will need this for each new offer you create and any unique variations of the same offer.

So how do you do it?

Clicking on the link menu item ‘Links’ will take you to your linked page.

  • Configure ClickMagick’s link settings

ClickMagick tracks anyone who clicks on the link. You can choose to hide the destination URL by hiding the link.

You don’t have to do anything special in creating a tracking link. You can use many free options.

Now you reach the Advanced Settings, where ClickMagick puts the “Magick.”

Link Rotators

A link rotator refers to a single link that splits traffic and sends it to different landing pages according to your set rules.

This is similar to split-testing, except you aren’t testing to determine which landing page performs best.

Organic TrackersCan ClickMagic help me?

You can place tracking links on web properties that you control or own. But what about the harder-to-reach places?

This could refer to search engine traffic, referral traffic, or direct traffic from people who type your URL into their browsers. This is where the organic tracker steps in.

ClickMagick can collect similar information by simply inserting code to a page that you wish to track.

You should first create a project under the “Organic” menu item. This will give you a tracking URL.

  • ClickMagick organic tracking code

You can install the tracking code in various ways, including WordPress, a page maker, or other third-party apps like LeadPages and Instapage.

  • ClickMagick organic tracking statistics

This system has a nice feature: Dedicated tracking links will have priority. You’ll only see organic stats for users who didn’t use a tracking link.

ClickMagick link Advanced Settings

You can choose from many settings. Clicking the cog icon next to any link will bring up an additional settings panel.

  • Additional link settings for ClickMagick

There are many tutorials for these settings. I won’t be covering them all, but I will highlight a few key features.

Conversion tracking: ClickMagick’s Pixel builder lets you see how well your pages convert depending on whether traffic reached the destination page. You can use this to track entire sales funnels.

Pixel code: You can add your retargeting pixels to this option. This allows you to retarget people even though the link takes you to an external site that you do not own.

Split-testing with ClickMagick: It is possible to do A/B tests on your links. You can add multiple links and specify traffic distribution. You can even enable winner alerts.

Password: This will allow you to password-protect pages using your tracking link. Once you enter the password, the box will block the destination URL from showing up until it is changed.

Part 2: What are my top ClickMagick features?

Superb Feature #1

Get notifications straight to your phone or inbox.

ClickMagick’s notification feature is newer than most other link tracking tools.

First, enter your email address and telephone number to set up notification settings. Click the cog icon beside any tracking link to enable notifications.

ClickMagick Notifications

This serves as a quick warning system in case of offers that fall below your criteria. For example, a landing page conversion drops below 1%.

You can set a trigger on the following:

  • Sales conversion rate
  • Average customer value
  • The conversion rate for actions
  • Earnings per click
  • Conversion of engagement

What’s the point?

The sooner you find out about an underperformer; you can redirect traffic to a better page.

You can set it up to receive notifications about links that perform well, but that’s just a show.

Superb Feature #2 

It measures the QUALITY and traffic to your site.ClickMagick tracks traffic

Traffic quality is fundamental. You’ll know about low-level traffic to offers if you send it sooner or later.

ClickMagick provides you with instant insight into the type of people visiting your links and whether or not they are likely to buy.

ClickMagick Traffic Quality

They calculate traffic quality scores using several factors. The most important is the “Tier.”

Tier 1 clicks should be your goal. These usually come from one of the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • United States
  • Canada
  • New Zealand

ClickMagick recommends that you score at least 55 to be considered an average score and at least 85 for Very Good. This feature is handy for buying traffic but also offers lots of utility for organic traffic.

Superb Feature #3

You can track pages other than your own.

Usually, when someone opts in or purchases something from your page, they will land on your “Thank You” page.

This page contains your conversion pixel. ClickMagick will notify you when it fires.

This is pretty standard stuff. ClickMagick offers a clever workaround.

Signing up or making a purchase will take you to a blank page with your conversion pixel.

In a flash, and without the user realizing it, they will be redirected directly to the external site. It’s as if magic happens.

It is a simple but effective solution.

Part 3: What I don’t like about ClickMagick

Bad Part 1: This isn’t for the faint-hearted

ClickMagick has 120+ functions and settings that can be confusing to learn.

The more you add to it, the more difficult it will be to use.

  • ClickMagick UI

It has a 2010-ish look, but it is still quite decent.

You must have the right expectations when using a tool like this. It’s not as intuitive and complex as other platforms.

This is one example of the many options available under link tracking.

  • ClickMagick offers link tracking options

ClickMagick deserves credit for providing tooltips in each of these fields, which I found extremely helpful, if perhaps essential.

Bad Part 2: Possible problems with setting up a custom domain

It is always preferable to use your domain name in your tracking link.

This is not only to ensure brand consistency but also to prevent others from using the same link and possibly abusing it. A blacklisted link = poor results.

So how do you do it?How do I use ClickMagick?

If you already have your domain with popular registrars such as GoDaddy or Bluehost, it should be easy to set that up via your dashboard’s DNS settings.

You will need to change the domain you have pointed to your hosting provider by going through your cPanel dashboard.

  • ClickMagick CNAME record

Some hosts don’t use cPanel. If your host can’t make the necessary changes, you won’t be able to use a custom domain without switching hosts.

It’s noteworthy that nearly all the most popular hosting providers can accommodate this request in some way.

This only applies to those who use slightly less obscure and restrictive hosting companies.

Bad Part #3: There is no live chat support

Online support has become standardized by live chat. Unfortunately, ClickMagick does not offer this support option. Instead, they have opted for email support.

  • Support email from ClickMagick

Although instant messaging is not as effective as email, live chat seems more personal and better than email.


Once you realize that you need to know where your traffic is coming from, who is buying, and from which pages, it’s time to try ClickMagic for 14 days. Ongoing costs range from:

Starter Plan – $37 per Month

Standard Plan – $77 per Month

Pro Plan – $197

Analyzing your traffic will build your business.


ClickMagick is cloud-based, so you can log in to your ClickMagick Dashboard and monitor all the links you have added. Ironically, click tracking software is often one of those tools you don’t realize you need until you start using it.

Thus, finding this free tool could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship as you start tracking who is visiting your website and who is buying.

I really hope that this article will help you to gain relevant data to grow your business. Please leave a comment and share if you think this post will help others to grow and learn.

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  1. interesting marketing tracking app that offers ways to maximize profits  for your new or old business.

    Great ideas and user friendly app that can really boost your marketing efforts. 

    I especially liked all the tracking and analise tools offered. 

    thank you for a great review on a useful product 

    not to be missed by new or experienced affiliate marketers that are looking to boost or maximize profits 

    • You are so correct Alex. There comes a time when we need to know who is clicking through to our website, which posts, and what they are buying. This way we can design campaigns to get more conversions.

  2. The Click Magic notifications are very useful. The idea that it pings your phone if it goes below a certain % is very useful. It can help you prepare for your work in the week knowing where each of your pages are standing. The item you don’t know you need until you have tried it. I can totally see what you mean. I read the article with a more open mind after reading that line and the benefits of Click Magic began to sink in. The first read made my head spin with all the new information. 

    • There is a lot to understand with any new tool but if it is going to help you to plan your content better and know if it is working then it is worth the effort.


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