What is Commission Junction Affiliate Program?

Commission Junction is an affiliate program that is almost certainly the best place to putWhat is Commission Junction Affiliate Program?e your efforts. It has the lowest demand on your time and the biggest return. Created in 1998 as a marketing platform in California, USA, and owned by the  Publicis Groupe.

CJ Affiliate is the current name for Commission Junction. It is one of the most popular online affiliate networks in the world.

What is Commission Junction Affiliate Program?

They are a company that acts as a platform for other businesses to find promoters for their products. All of the companies listed offer a commission for any sales that come to them through your links. The commission paid varies through the different companies. You can apply to be part of the CJ Affiliate Program to access hundreds of affiliate paying companies.

How to Get Started with Commission Junction

Once you have registered, you can become a Commission Junction publisher. This process takes longer than other platforms as they are trusted by the participating companies to check you out. You will need to fill in two pages. The second page contains detailed information and is lengthy, so take your time.

Step 1: Open Commission Junction home page. Next, click the Join button at the top right.

2: Select the language, country, or currency you prefer. Click NEXT.

3: After you have accepted the rules and regulations, they’ll request information about your newsletter or website (URL).

What do You Need to Join?

Affiliate publishing is a way to make money from CJ Affiliate by promoting the listed company products. Owning a website allows you to advertise products and offer traffic. You will only get paid when the traffic converts. So, you have to be serious about it.

Affiliate marketing isn’t something you can do as a side hustle for monetization. You won’t get a successful outcome if you are not serious. Advertisers won’t make deals with publishers who don’t have the same interest.

Having an optimized website is crucial. Traffic is the key ingredient to making money in affiliate marketing. Make sure you have the best SEO.

Quality content is the key to good SEO, and users love quality content.

You need some good time for your business. Affiliate marketing requires time.

It’s not an 8-hour-per-day business. You’ll often work long hours and do everything yourself until you hire other people to do it. But keep in mind you are building a business asset that will pay you long into the future.

You have to create results. CJ keeps track of your commissions and your performance. Your account will be closed if they do not receive any results for six consecutive months. They will also charge you $10. Signing up and not doing anything is detrimental for everyone.

Build a Website!

A high-quality, professional site is the first thing that you should build. CJ offers can be very lucrative if you plan on making money. They have cloud-service affiliate programs. eBay resellers, Dreamhost’s, Hostgator, and many others are available.

The best format for these types of programs is a review site. The internet is full of these review sites. It is essential to choose a niche within your interest to ensure success. Perhaps you are looking for business-specific hosting or packages that cater to weight loss. Choose your favorite as you will be writing masses of content to attract traffic.

Once you have identified a niche, begin writing niche articles. Although you can be as specific or broad as you wish, it is important not to narrow your focus on a single niche unless the offers are suitable for you.

Ready to start that website but not sure which host to go with. I will give you the details of two excellent hosting companies. It will be up to you to choose. If you need training and support then Wealthy Affiliate is brilliant and free to start today.

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CJ Affiliate Program Offers

Once you have established a site with moderate traffic, you can send visitors to the right offers.

CJ’s affiliate programs are available to you when you visit the site, you can browse the list to find companies in your niche. You’ll need to write reviews on your site to make them appealing but you don’t have to lie to users.

Structure your content to promote those offers and place your links or banners in the posts.

SEO is significant here as you want to get people to sign up for your promotion program. They need positive reinforcement, so it is vital to be both realistic and reassuring.

Promoting a program like it doesn’t have any flaws is a rookie mistake. Be honest about any weaknesses you find, but be clear on why they aren’t significant. Do a Pro and Con section.

CJ Affiliate is a publishing network that has a performer program. Publishing can help you become a high-performing publisher. You are more likely to be invited into the JCP if your performance is high. This performance program connects you to priority tech support, advanced data analysis, custom reporting, and a dedicated sales rep to help you.

JCP – The Inner Club

JCP requires that you make at least $10,000 in commissions per month to be eligible. That is not an easy goal! If you’re not there in a year or two of your work, don’t be discouraged.

CJ keeps a piece of every commission and promotes their top earners. It calculates your commissions based on how much you earn.

They offer support for your site and strategy and take steps to optimize that strategy.

Also, you will need to work with multiple advertisers. That means you should choose more than one offer through CJ.

You must pass a network review. This review will verify your traffic and confirm that you are sending legitimate users to your advertisers. They won’t buy traffic if you try to scam them.

Find the right niche to make it work, and work at it. If you’re talented and diligent, you have every chance of succeeding.

How to Use Commission Junction

Recommend the product to others and direct them to the place where they can purchase products. If anyone buys something, you will receive a commission.

You can use Commission Junction as a popular affiliate network that connects publishers and advertisers looking to sell advertising space together.

They will get you a membership code and a unique link that you can use to create a link to the website. This link will redirect your visitor directly to the site of the company using your link.

What is an APP?

These companies do the accounting and act as the coordinator between the subsidiaries they represent and their companies. They are known as Affiliate Programs Organizer (APP).

Commission Junction is one of the most critical sites for accounting treatment. It’s where you can find out more about the companies who join their list to find affiliate promoters.

It manages eBay, among other websites. ClickBank is the leading site for electronic goods.

There are many other websites like ShareASale or Rakuten Linkshare.

CJ is one of the most explored affiliate programs and has many prominent clients. You must register at CJ.com to fully explore the options and find affiliates.

Then you will be able to see the companies and the structure of their commissions. After you have researched you can then join the appropriate program without going to each company to apply.

Keep a list of the ones you like. If you are not ready to join the affiliate program, visit Google and search for the company’s URL.

Check out their selling skills and support their sales efforts with the money you spend on their products or services.

You can use CJ to link directly to the landing page of the company. Ensure you check to see whether it is still available.

What Questions will CJ Affiliate Program Ask?What does CJ Affiliate program do?

They will ask you questions about your promotional strategies and many more.

Next, click “No,” on the radio prompting you to choose whether you will donate all proceeds (unless you prefer to)

Next, they’ll ask you to enter the required information to create your account. This page might require multiple attempts as you may not have the necessary information the first time.

The social security number (SSN), or Individual tax identification number, is an essential item you will need if your company signs up. You will get a blank check if you cannot create banking information and want to deposit your payments directly.

After you have completed the CJ pedigree information, click on “Accept Terms.” Finally, you can check your inbox for an email containing your message of acceptance and login details (username/password).

Register Now and get started working for CJ

Here’s how to add website details to the CJ account.

To work with the advertisers on commission junction, you must add your blog/website URLs. These are the steps you need to follow to do so:

How to add a website in a Commission Junction account

Step 1: First, log in to your account and click on Websites.

2: Now click on the Add Website button.

3: Now, enter your blog information, including URL, Description, and Name. Select the appropriate category. You can save this information after completion.

4: Your blog or website information is now updated. It will display the message: “Successfully added website.”

That’s it.

What’s next after registration?

Once they’ve sent you an acceptance email from Commission Junction, click www.cj.com to log in. Once you are in your affiliate dashboard, you will be redirected to your Commission Junction Publisher Home Page.

It will display your account status and accounting details. It also lists CJ’s new advertisers. You may find any of these appealing, and you can jump on it to get a good start.

At the top, click “Account.” This page allows you to update the information on your application.

You’re now at work. You will find the Advertisers tab in the top left menu.

CJ Advertisers

Click on any of the programs and “Apply to Program” once accepted you will then click on “Get Links” at the top. A page will open where you can search for Commission Junction Advertisers List.

  • Choose a program.
  • Get links – It allows you to link to your product and banners
  • Get Products
  • Promote

There are many ways you can view it.

Commission Junction is a platform that makes it very simple to build a program partner as your online job.

Once the advertiser approves your request, click the advertiser link to download the HTML/JavaScript code.

Now, place these codes into your promoted blog.

The Final Words

Commission Junction does not require that you have an existing website to be an affiliate. You can also build your website later and reapply if the affiliate program you’re interested in is right for you.

What you need to do is spread the word about the product you are promoting affiliate links on newsgroups, question-and-answer platforms (such as Quora), social media networks, online marketing forums, and social bookmarking sites. Other ways to promote include paid ads such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, Instagram Ads, and more.

There’s no assurance that you will become wealthy by becoming an affiliate. To become an affiliate, you establish a relationship with the product to promote it and receive compensation for the promotion. It is your responsibility to drive traffic to the affiliate site. If you do a good job, traffic to your site will increase, and you will get a commission for sales.

Get an exclusive web hosting offer to help you start a blog or make money with Commission Junction. Suppose you are entirely new to the world of affiliate marketing and wish to own an affiliate website. In that case, a web host like Bluehost, Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix (Free to start), and GoDaddy will work.

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Thanks for visiting today, I hope this has helped in your research and I can help you further by mentoring as you build a website business. Feel free to comment and ask questions.

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  1. I have heard of commission junctions before. I was actually on the brink of joining before I decided to join wealthy affiliate. Do you think it is better than wealthy affiliates more is it just the same? I will recommend it to other people I know who are interested in market affiliating. 

    • Commission Junction is totally different from Wealthy Affiliate. CJ Affiliate is a platform for companies looking for people to promote their products. Wealthy Affiliate is a training and hosting platform.

  2. I like how convenient it is to joining these platforms and get to promote all the products that are under their program. I started joining independent affiliate programs and my list quickly got long. And when I want to check if I had commissions, I had to log into each one. Of all the programs I have read about, Commission Junction seems to stand out. 

  3. Great comparison of what Commission Junction is and what it is not. I understand better that there are companies like this that have certain types of products to promote. Your advice to work hard makes sense. I want to find the right products to match up with my niche of making money online. Many of the products I run across don’t fit so I keep searching for good enough products that satisfy my audience’s needs. I will give CJ another look and search through what they now have available. I like that they are watching out for their partners. That shows me they are out to do the right thing. I hope that one day I can reach the JCP club like you!

  4. Hi Lily, 

    When I saw you were writing about CJ Affiliate my ears perked up! I had known about CJ for quite a while but put it on the back burner to explore the details of this affiliate network. I’m glad I did because your article laid out all the essential details, and then some. 

    It makes it easy to follow your instructions to register and to be prepared for the roadblocks if not alert. You also provided instructions on how to use the marketing potential of this network in the way you select companies to promote as well as how to structure one’s blogs. 

    Thanks for taking the time to provide all this valuable and helpful information about CJ Affiliate. 



    • Hi Edwin, I’m delighted that you have found such great value in my article. There are some great platforms out there to find affiliate companies but CJ is one of the best. They really look after their affiliates and the companies that they represent.

  5. I too like commission junction. They have very, strict rules about who, where and how their affiliates promote the companies and products, but I believe that’s a good thing. A reason that’s a good thing because honest people are about the only ones willing to abide by the rules, and that speaks highly of the reputation the intend to uphold for themselves.

    • You are absolutely correct Nikki. You can’t get yourself into trouble aligning yourself with companies that have tight rules. They are trying to maintain standards that are workable in the online world.


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