What is Photo Vibrance?

Why do the majority of marketers fail in generating viral traffic; thus, lose money on Facebook ads? Simple, their posts or theWhat is Photo Vibrance content of their ads is not attractive.

For example, every day people spend an average of 1.7 seconds on a particular content piece on their Smartphone. And they spend an average of 2.5 sec on the same piece on the desktop. How, then, can you make good use of your 1.7 to 2.5 seconds range?

Use Live Pictures

With the right tool, everything can just seem like a piece of cake.

That brings in the brand new, game-changing PhotoVibrance photo animator software. This you make use of to create live pictures. Thus, this will help you get and engage more people. And also, you will be able to draw in more traffic.

Hey! Not satisfied with your designing software now! Don’t worry! PhotoVibrance got you covered. It is a simple photo animation software that will give you an upper hand over others.

In this article, we’re going to see the details about PhotoVibrance – its pros and cons, its features, etc. Not only will it be effective but it will serve as a happy experience for you.

PhotoVibrance – What Exactly Is It?

This is desktop software that enables one to bring a picture to life. It is created by the developer who created CreateStudio – Vidello.

Magic Motion, 3D parallax effect, good visual effect, and sky replacement, etc. are unique features available in this software. You can even use these features on Mac and Windows Operating System (it works well with them).

With PhotoVibrance, you cannot only create live pictures but also live picture ads. Not only that, it can be used to create engaging posts that can be used to make videos (which earn a person traffic).

With PhotoVibrance, you can convert static images into moving ones that get attention. It is very perfect for generating traffic from social media platforms. Without complex editing, you can make moving photos and videos from a single picture with regard to questions such as:

  • The PhotoVibrance – how easy is it to use and understand?
  • Are the features effective?
  • Is it worth the cost?
  • How good are its customer support services?

It has all the five rankings, leaving no trace of doubt.

Then, all you have to do is:

  • Draw arrows to show the places you want to adjust in the motion of your photos. When you do this, it will instantly bring animations.
  • You can include texts, images, visual effects, and 3D particles (such as butterflies, hearts) in your picture.

Now, we will consider details about the PhotoVibrance software. Let’s get started by knowing the reason why you need this software.

Main Reasons You Need to Have PhotoVibrance

From all parts of the world, businesses and marketers get the attention of their audience through moving pictures.

So if you desire to create attention-grabbing content for social media? Use 3D animation images and short scroll stopper video ads. This you can do this with the PhotoVibrance software.

With PhotoVibrance, you can easily get an audience and, also, engage this audience. Good part? As earlier said, it is very easy to operate on.

With PhotoVibrance, you can improve greatly your marketing campaign on social media.

Benefits of Using the PhotoVibrance Software

The greatest benefit of using PhotoVibrance is the easy conversion of still photos into animated photos in few moments. This is impressive, isn’t it?

1. Ease of Use: No Technical Expertise is Necessary.

It is not required to have some skills to use PhotoVibrance. As said earlier, it is very easy to understand and simple to use.

2. Create Engaging VideosCreate engaging video with Photo Vibrance

You will be able to convert your photos into engaging videos that you or your client can explore.

3. You Can Make Animation And Short Video Content.

It gives you a range of social media resolutions like 16:9, 2:3, 1:1 that you can make use of. Doing this makes your social media platforms stand out among others.

4. You Can Create Scroll Stopper Video Through The Special 3D Parallax Animation.

Through this special 3D parallax animation, you can create scroll stopper videos. This will make campaigns on social media a lot easier.

Through PhotoVibrance, you will get people’s attention, boost your engagement and get more traffic.

5. You Can Edit Offline in PhotoVibrance.

This is another cool benefit of the PhotoVibrance software. This software gives room for you to work without having to do with the Internet. So cool!!

6. It Runs Smoothly in Regular Systems

Another gain in using the software is that you don’t need any special or custom system to run it. It runs smoothly in all regular systems.

7. You Can Create Animations and, also, Export without Limits.

PhotoVibrance lets you create animations and export files without limits.

8. It is Handy Software for Marketing on Social Media.

Another merit in using the PhotoVibrance software is that it can change the pattern of your social media campaigns in a positive way. It can help you get more audience and engagement.

9. There is a Good Support Service

Whether you have queries or doubts, you can get practical help as and when required.

Now that we’ve considered the benefits, let’s move to the key features of the PhotoVibrance software.

Its Key Features

The PhotoVibrance is enhanced with powerful tools and effects, which makes it very suitable for you.

  • 3D Parallax Effect

With a 3D parallax effect, you can give a picture a whole new look. You can convert any image into a 3D animated image through the 3D camera and 3D particles.

  • Magic Motion

Convert your boring, static image into moving, attractive masterpieces. You can include motion arrows to add magic motion to any picture in a matter of seconds.

It can make a great eye-catching image for your audiences on social media.

  • Broaden Your Social Range

You can resize your social resolutions. With one click, you can change the resolution till you find the desired one.

  • Sky Replacement

It has special effects; including sky replacements. You can draw out the part you want to show with the creative effects.

3D Particles3D Particles in Photo Vibrance

You can make some particles with just one click. You will be able to add 3D particles from rose petals, leaves, snow, and more.

Even, you can add from your own custom particles. And it works well for any image, logo, or icon.

  • Video Masks

Draw out part of your content to which you want to add creative effects. Then, you can mask to show the effects on those areas you chose.

  • Loops

With Magic Motion, you can create images that can be exported with seamless loops. Also, with the 3D parallax effect, you can ensure having a seamless loop.

  • Stock

Here, we have the Pexel’s and Pixabay stock Image Integration. With this, you can find free images. What to do? Lookup for a keyword and select an image!

You can create effects e.g. that of 3D parallax, sky replacements, and video mask. Using this will help you convert your images to good items of the masterpiece.

On System Requirements for PhotoVibrance

The PhotoVibrance photo animation software is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating Systems. You can install PhotoVibrance on either macOS 10.10 or Windows 7, as it runs well through these systems. In addition, for the best performance, you need to have a RAM of 4GB and very preferably, 8GB.

Who is the PhotoVibrance App Designed for?

Above, we’ve seen the features, benefits of the PhotoVibrance software, and why you must get it.

PhotoVibrance is for you if:

  • You’re a marketer, blogger, or video creator in need of animation videos for branding.
  • A photographer looking for ways to create photo animation on quite a few topics.
  • You’re looking for a replacement for your expensive and complex photo editing software.
  • You prefer to do your animation yourself.

Then, the PhotoVibrance is just suitable for you. Get your PhotoVibrance and get ready to make use of it.

PhotoVibrance – Different from The Others

Compared to all other photo editing software, PhotoVibrance makes the best photo animator. Why?

  • The first reason: It is very easy to use and understand.
  • You can easily import and export your work within the PhotoVibrance software.
  • It provides a range of attributes, making it the best.

Things You Can Do With PhotoVibrance

Once you get access to the PhotoVibrance software, there are some aspects you will benefit from:

  • Photo Animation.
  • 3D Animation.

How Do You Explore PhotoVibrance to Create Animation?

  1. 1. Import Image

You’re allowed to import images that you’d like to modify.

  1. 2. Edit

Now, draw arrows wherever you would like to add your motion. The animation will be added immediately to it. Add overlays such as fog, smoke, rain, dust, etc if necessary.

PhotoVibrance Software OTOS and Once only Pricing

This is for a limited time, so get PhotoVibrance
at a discounted price.

PhotoVibrance Cost ($39 US Dollars):What is Photo Vibrance cost?

  • Create images with no limit.
  • Consists of visual effects – about a hundred plus.
  • Custom particles and 3D particles are made available.
  • Accessible everywhere and anytime.
  • It has a license for commercial use.

PhotoVibrance OTO One – Kickstart Offer ($67US Dollars)

It includes additional elements and resources like:

  • 15x predesigned templates (for a year).
  • Extra special effects.
  • You can share projects with other users.
  • Extra 3x licenses for team members.

OTO 2: Video Pro Creator Bundle ($197 US Dollars)

This Pro Creator Bundle is the best for creators. This bundle includes lifetime access with a right to use four premium video products for clients.


This is the video animation software that’s used by twenty thousand plus creators from all parts of the world with a 5-star rating!

  • Scroll Stopper

It contains a lot of scroll-stopping video effects, and predesigned templates available for you to edit. You can change everything to suit your needs.

  • Twinkle Audio Site

This also comes with tons of custom-made audio tracks. 20 tracks are added every month so that there will be no need for you to buy another audio track.

  • Twinkle VFX

It comprises 100+ transparent video effects that you can add to your video to make it unique.

Pros: What I Like About the PhotoVibrance Software.

  • Easy to understand and use.
  • It provides a broad range of animation effects.
  • You can edit the effects to your taste.

Cons: What I Don’t Like About the PhotoVibrance Software

  • No, undo and redo buttons

This is very bad as it is very common to make mistakes.

The Price of PhotoVibrance

For personal use, the PhotoVibrance costs $39 US Dollars. But, for PhotoVibrance (that is for commercial use), it costs $49 US dollars.

Sign Up For PhotoVibrance Now!

As seen, the PhotoVibrance photo animator is suitable for different functions. Be it a blogger, designer, photographer, and others, it clearly fits the need.

With this, sign up for the PhotoVibrance software and enjoy it to the fullest!


Let’s quickly run through what we’ve reviewed in this article.

  • PhotoVibrance is an easy-to-use and simple photo animator.
  • Suitable for bloggers, marketers, designers, and so on.
  • It has good customer support and, also, easy to use and understand.
  • You can work offline in the PhotoVibrance software!
  • PhotoVibrance turns your static, boring photos into moving, attractive ones.
  • It consists of a wide range of features that allow you to customize. And also, you can make the most use of it to get your desired result.
  • Compatible with all regular systems.
  • Import Image, Edit, Save, or Export are the three ways you can create an animation with PhotoVibrance.
  • Limited discount, as you are to pay $39 US dollars for personal use and $49 US dollars for commercial use.
  • There is a need for improvement on the anchor selection and the undo and redo buttons should be available.

Final Verdict

The PhotoVibrance software is the best in making photo animations, and I know that you love the best. Why not go for the best and enjoy what it entails?

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share.

Thanks for visiting.


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  1. Hi Lily,

    Great review of Photo Vibrance animation software. You’re right about needing to make the most out of 1.7 seconds. 

    I really like the fact that Photo Vibrance is EASY to use–that’s a win for me. It would be better with a “undo” or “go back” option. Starting over takes time. Do you personally use this software in your marketing strategies? If so, have you noticed increased traffic on your site(s)? 



    • Anything that gets your message across to the public can really help you Tamara and I love using animation and video to reach out. Enjoy this great tool.

  2. Photovibrance is useful for creating moving pictures that capture attention on Social Media…very interesting…Can we have a demo?  On your site it would be useful to have a photo of the software to get an idea of how in-depth this software is.

    When was it founded and who by?  The software is very interesting to hear about, but it would be better to see a demonstration of it in action.  I am learning this myself, so hope I don’t come across as pedantic here.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Both are very good points, Stella. I will look into adding an example and also who created PhotoVibrance. It is a great tool for promoting your website and getting people to visit.

  3. Thanks for sharing this very interesting article with us all. Images are something that I have recently thinking about spending more time o. So, it was interesting to see this Photo Vibrance Software which seems to offer a lot in the way of features and functions.

    Does the Price here cover the month/Year or is it a one off cost?

    Do they have a Freemium Trial version?

    • This is a one-off cost and you own the software. They have a money-back policy and a great reputation, so you won’t lose by giving them a go. Video is the future and something we all need to consider with our promotion.


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