What is Uber Suggest?

Need to find a new SEO tool that specializes in generating lots of keyword ideas? The famous Neil Patel recently acquiredWhat is Uber Suggest? Uber Suggest and expanded its feature selection significantly and you can get it for Free for a 7-day trial. 

It is so simple to use that you will be excited to start writing about all the new ideas. Let’s take a closer look! Because there is so much more to this product than at first glance.

How Do You Get Uber Suggest For Free?

Just type into search ‘Uber Suggest Dashboard’ fill in your details and you are good to go for your Free 7-day trial. Start a keyword search straight away but there is so much more available if you decide to join after the free week.

Signing in is through your Google Search Console account which allows them to find more errors and issues that need to be fixed.

You can upgrade, downgrade or even cancel your account at any time or go back to a free account at any time. (That is unusual.)


Neil Patel is a very clever man and he knows that some of us like to pay in a lump sum for a Lifetime membership and others prefer a monthly subscription, so he offers both. You are going to get access to over 6 billion keywords, 2 trillion links, and 1 billion pieces of content by joining. All these prices are in Australian dollars.

  • Individual – 1 to 3 websites – $29 AUD a month or $290 for lifetime access (never pay another cent.)
  • Business – 4 to 7 websites – $49 a month or $490 for a lifetime membership (you receive all the upgrades free)
  • Enterprise/Agency – 8 + websites – $99 a month or $990 for a lifetime membership

You can pay with any of the major credit cards, debit cards, or with PayPal. If you choose to pay annually you willPricing for Uber Suggest receive 2 months free.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Included In All The Plans

SEO Training & Support

Step by Step SEO Training Course – You need a course to maximize all the amazing tools available to you.     

Templates & Worksheets – These will get you started fast. 

Biweekly Coaching and Q&A Call – Don’t stay confused, just ask.

Email Support – Follow detailed instructions 

Reports Per Day – Keep up to date daily   

Projects – Create at least 3 projects to grow your business.                                              

Rank Tracking 

Tracked Keywords – Never wonder again which keywords you have used and what is working for ranking fast.

Update Frequency

Mobile Rank Tracking – Mobile use is where the growth is. Find out where you stand in ranking on mobile usage.

Numbers of locations – Check your ranking over many locations.      

Data reporting – Have all your data at your fingertips.

Site Audit

Pages crawled per report – Get 1,000 pages 

Crawling Frequency – Weekly

Keyword Research 

Historical Data – Know what has worked before.

Keyword suggestions – Know what is trending now.

Content Ideas – Never be stuck for a content idea again.

Data exporting per report


Competitive Analysis

Top Pages – Find out who has the top page. 

Top Keywords – Keep your finger on the pulse.

Data exporting per report



Link history – See who has linked with you in the past.

Backlinks rows

New and lost links – Make sure that your backlinks are up to date. Create new ones with this data. 

Data exporting per report


The individual plan is the most popular but you receive more of everything when you pay more, which is great as yourThe features for Uber Suggest will help your success business expands. There are many SEO programs out there in the market to help you speed up your website and achieve your goals and this is an excellent example.

It competes very well against Arhefs, SEMrush, and Moz in the monthly price for the same or better features.

More Features

Course videos – these will help you to understand all the tools and how to improve your SEO and Keywords.

Worksheets and Templates – Learning made easy through simple worksheets to follow and clever templates.

Q & A Calls – Biweekly coaching calls to get all your questions answered by Neil and the team.

Email Support – Do you need detailed instructions? Drop them a line and get all the help you need in an email.

Seo Tools

Keyword Discovery – Find profitable words that are easy to rank. Know where to target your work for maximum results.

Site Audit – Check your site for SEO issues and detailed instructions on how to fix them.

Daily Rank Tracking – See daily changes in your rankings. Desktop and mobile in 20+ locations.

Competitor Analysis – See what your competitors are doing in their SEO. Copy their best tactics and steal their traffic

Backlink Data – Keep track of your links and find new opportunities for getting new high-quality links for your website.

Web Projects – Organise all your data for each website in a single project dashboard. Track changes and get alerts.


At the end of the day, you need to manage your SEO and your quality content to the best advantage. Success only comes from understanding all the elements of how the game is played on the internet.

Consequently, I truly think that this new product by Neil Patel covers all the bases in one place. 

Often you would have to use a plugin for backlinks and another for your SEO, just as an example.

With Uber Suggest you get it all in one place at a fraction of the cost against the competitors.

When you first start your internet business it is a good idea to use any free or included plugins or SEO such as what is offered in the Wealthy Affiliate package for $49 a month, free Jaaxy Keyword finder too.

But a year down the track and you may start to need more information directly to you on your business. Especially, what other competitors are doing and the best keyword ideas to keep you adding quality content.

This is where Uber Suggest will be a perfect match for you and you get to work with a master, Neil Patel.

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6 thoughts on “What is Uber Suggest?”

  1. I have been seeing this company’s name for quite some time now. I actually got myself into trying the product myself so I could have the opportunity of agree or disagree with all the hype rumors that have been going around. I think the platform has a lot of potential; they just need a little more help when it comes to mobile compatibility.

    • I’m delighted that you have tried Ubersuggest Stephanie. I guess it is early days for them at the moment creating new tools and such.

  2. I have come across this company quite recently. I am quite a big fan of Neil Patel and have faith in his teachings and his knowledge. I would like to give this product a shot to see how it works, I think it’s great that you can try it out free for 7 days and it seems like the platform has a lot of potential. The pricing is quite reasonable, and the features included are great. Great article, thank you so much.

  3. I have heard of Neil Patel while looking for ways to improve the content on my blog and make it more attractive for readers. I am definitely interested in Competitive Analysis and Backlinks. I will be trying out this product after I add a few more posts to my blog. 

    • That is great news Vesna. Neil Patel is a great man to follow and by the time you are ready to try Uber Suggest, he will have debugged some more of his newer tools. Wishing you great success.


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