Wishpond Review: Marketing Automation Made Simple

You may have already heard about Wishpond, but what exactly is it, and how does it work? Let’s find out in this WishpondWishpond Review review. Its form builder is flexible enough to allow you to add as many fields as you want.

You can also add dropdown menus, upload files, and a CAPTCHA field. You can do A/B testing to see what type of results you get.

Wishpond is free to use, but it comes with some limitations. It does have excellent customer service, which means you can chat with support representatives instantly.

Its pricing plans let you create up to 10,000 email marketing campaigns each month.

The free plan offers up to 1000 campaigns, which is more than enough for most businesses. You can even set up a landing page, pop-up messages, and contests. The software allows you to add leads, too.

Despite its simplicity, Wishpond’s lead database allows you to segment leads by location, sales history, and more.

Its visitor tracking technology lets you identify which pages your leads are visiting and which convert the most. You can send individualized campaigns to each lead based on this information.

With Wishpond, you can also run contests. The referral suite offers bonus entries, a leaderboard, and other valuable tools. You can also set up pop-ups in a matter of minutes.

Wishpond Overview

Course Name: Email Marketing Masterclass for Beginners by Wishpond

Official Website: Wishpond’s Email Marketing Masterclass for Beginners

Owner: Henry Walden

Price: Free and Pro plans, starting at $49 per month

Certification: No

Type: Email Marketing and Automation

Best for: Business owners who specialize in marketing automation

Wishpond Pros:

  • – Multiple users
  • – Quick migration
  • – Professionally designed conversion templates
  • – Simple-to-use tools
  • – Inline text editing
  • – Reliable and robust page builder
  • – Advanced email automation
  • – WYSIWYG indeed

Wishpond Cons:

  • – Not cost-effective
  • – Trial available with yearly contract only

What is Wishpond?

Wishpond is a marketing software app that allows you to set up marketing automation and track leads in real-time. It’s a legitimate, well-regarded option for email marketing campaigns. It integrates with Shopify, which means you can create a unique link for each page and promote your giveaways to those followers.

Wishpond is a leading marketing automation tool. It claims to be made for organized marketers and business owners who prefer systematic lead management. It provides a dedicated team of experts that handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your business and growing it.

Can Wishpond do it all? Yes, but only if you’re willing to invest time and energy. There are many marketing automation programs available.

Another feature that will attract your clients is Wishpond’s contest tool. It offers 12 different types of contests, including referral and bonus entries.

You can also set up a leaderboard for your contest, encouraging people to share it with their friends. You can seamlessly integrate your website with Wishpond and maximize the benefits of both platforms.

Who Is Wishpond Recommended For?Who is Wishpond for?

If you’re looking for a lead management tool for your business, Wishpond may be the right choice.

Ultimately, Wishpond is a lead management tool. The Wishpond’s interface is easy to use and enables you to create lists based on your website’s visitors. Its integration with forms, landing pages, and email marketing tools helps you track and follow leads.

Once visitors arrive on your website, they begin forming an invisible relationship with your business. Wishpond makes this relationship visible and measurable by tracking navigation patterns and lead generation.

As a business owner, you can find Wishpond pricing on the website. You can choose a free trial to get started. There is also an upgrade path that offers more advanced features and benefits.

Wishpond has plans for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. The Basic Plan, for example, costs $49 per month and includes all the features that a small to midsize company will need to succeed. This plan comes with a 14-day free trial, 1,000 leads, and one user. However, no APIs or phone support is included with the Basic Plan.

Wishpond Cancellation and Refund Policies

If you stop subscribing before the end of your current billing period, you can claim a portion of your money back. If you’re not satisfied with Wishpond, you can try out the free trial version and decide if it is for you.

Read their cancellation and refund policies thoroughly if you’re unsure whether Wishpond is right for you. If you’re not happy with the product, it’s best to find another service to meet your needs.

Wishpond Features

  • – Ease of Use

If you’re new to lead generation, you may wonder if Wishpond is easy to use. Like others, you likely want to know everything you can about the software before using it.

The main benefit of Wishpond is that it offers several ways to collect leads. The Wishpond website visitor tracking tool can help you monitor the activities of your visitors and provide insights on where your marketing efforts need to be improved.

Wishpond makes it easy to create pages and send personalized emails to leads. Its lead management system keeps track of your leads’ activity and creates a list of prospective customers. This helps you make better decisions about what content to share with your leads.

With Wishpond, you can create attractive landing pages, track your leads’ activities with custom forms, and send customized messages to them to boost your conversions. The platform is compelling for any online business.

The Knowledge Base helps users answer the most common problems and has valuable tips on publishing campaigns, managing leads, and automating email and promotion.

Landing PageLanding Page

The Wishpond landing page software comes with several tools to improve your online marketing
efforts. You can easily integrate Wishpond features into your website and make it more interesting for your visitors.

For example, you can create a mobile-responsive landing page in minutes or integrate different forms with landing pages.

Once you’ve integrated your forms, they’ll appear on each page for visitor visits. If you’d like to send personalized emails to your leads, Wishpond has you covered.

  • – Templates

While there are templates that you can explore for your newsletters, Wishpond does not skimp on its template library. Its templates inventory now tops 100, and they span the entire marketing spectrum.

Here are some crucial tips to get the most out of your template selection.

  • – First, select a template that best suits your needs.
  • – Once you’ve selected a template, you can start customizing it and personalizing it with the tools and options found within the app.

With Wishpond’s drag-and-drop builder, you can build an email newsletter in minutes and without any HTML expertise. And because it’s fully customizable, you won’t have to hire a copywriter or web developer to do it!

Just select a template from Wishpond’s library and personalize it as you see fit. Once you’ve made your template, you can begin incorporating a call-to-action button and a contact form.

Not a designer? There are templates for every level of experience, from beginner to advanced! And, if you’re not a designer, you can still use Wishpond templates to create landing pages. They’re easy to use, and you can use them for any marketing purpose.

You’ll be surprised at the variety of templates that Wishpond offers!

Automatic Lead Transfer Feature

If you’re a beginner in email marketing, you might be unsure how to use Wishpond’s Automatic Lead Transfer feature.

Wishpond’s feature set doesn’t include a complete CRM solution if you’re new to email marketing. But if you’re a business looking for an automated solution, Wishpond has many options that will fit your needs.

Its lead segmentation feature lets you make segments of your email list, while its Shopify integration allows you to track and analyze visitor behavior.

In addition, Wishpond also offers you the option of triggering personalized emails for each lead. You can create lists of your leads based on their activity and personal details. This feature will enable you to segment your list, offer discount codes to your customers, track revenue, and observe customer behavior.

To start using Wishpond’s Automatic Lead Transfer feature, log into your account and then access the campaign dashboard. Next, select Export Entries – Integrated Apps.

Once connected, you can select a list to transfer to ConstantContact. You can also set a scheduled export to export the data. The export process is quick and easy.

Personalized Email Marketing

An excellent way to get leads and increase your conversion rate is to send personalized emails to them. Wishpond helps you do this by capturing leads through social media, providing several ways to attract them, and providing a product-related feed.

It also integrates with Pipedrive, allowing you to track and analyze lead activity. You can also connect with Wishpond’s marketing experts via email or chat.

Before sending an email, ensure that it complies with CAN-SPAM Act. 90% of emails on the web are spam, so you must follow best practices for email marketing.

You can avoid common blunders by sending personalized emails to your prospects. If you are sending emails to your leads, you must also turn on Email Authentication. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 requires all email marketers to use a valid email address.

Wishpond PricingWishpond Pricing

Wishpond has three pricing plans for users as follows:

14 Day Free Trial

Free Forever plan allows for the generation of up to 200 leads

Starting Out: $49/month for 1,000 contacts

Everything You Need: $99/month for 2,500 contacts

Rapid Growth: $199/month for 10,000 contacts or $2989/month for 1,000,000 contacts


While Wishpond has many email marketing tools, the company does not specialize in any aspect. The platform allows you to create and send unlimited emails and manage your leads.

It offers a live chat option, which answers most questions quickly. You can chat with Wishpond’s experts 24 hours, seven days a week. You can also explore the software to build and send automated email campaigns. You’ll find the software extraordinarily intuitive and easy to use.

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