Women Making Money From Home 2022

We live in an exciting time in history for women, there are so many great opportunities available. Now is the best time forwomen making money from home 2021

women making money from home to gain financial freedom never available before.

Fifty years ago in 1971, the expectation was that after school you would be a secretary for a while, then marry and retire to raise a family. Because it was possible to live off one wage men felt that it was their job to work.

Married women were discouraged from having even a part-time job. Men considered that it reflected badly on their ability to provide. Volunteer work was permissible.

All volunteer work is done by two-thirds of the female population in the world. Just imagine if women stopped doing all the unpaid work! Utter chaos, no free childcare, no free aged care, no free husband care.

I remember that my very capable mother managed three shops before she married but then was expected to stay at home with the children. She did help my father run his building business for over 35 years but that was expected and unacknowledged.

When he became ill and couldn’t work my mother was untrained to go back into the workforce and had to live off a pension.

The daughters of these women saw the restrictions and hardship these draconian rules imposed and fought back by chasing careers, education, and postponing marriage.

Making Changes Through Education

20 years on in 1991, women fought to have an education so that they could get better jobs, maybe even as a manager.

There was still a push for women to go into the service industries, nursing, office assistants, cleaners, health workers, or teachers but nothing with higher wages and skills.

But men still wanted them as adjuncts or helpers to their careers, so fathers discouraged girls training in science or maths.

By this stage, there were more single mothers who needed to raise a family alone and be the breadwinner. Their wages were at least 40% lower than the same male job. It was still very hard for women to break through the glass ceiling and be owners and managers.

The Next Big Change

In 2007, we had the Global Financial Crises which hit hard and many people were out of work overnight. For some women, their part-time job was the only money feeding the family.

This strengthened the resolve of many women to update their educations and encourage their daughters to go through university to be able to become doctors, vets, and lawyers, even if the wages were still 20% less than a man’s wages.

Growth Through Hardship

Work and family life has changed enormously between 2007 and 2019. Most women today expect to be working throughout their lives and have their own super to retire on. From Highschool through their childbearing and raising years and into retirement.

In some ways, this is terrific, the chance to have a career, gain respect and have your own money. In other ways it takes a hard toll as most of the family work is still expected from women and also the volunteer work of caring for aging parents, stepchildren, and also they are working full time.

A Quiet Revolution

What perhaps slipped our notice was the super-fast growth of the internet. Established in 1989, in our jobs as office help we were expected to train in computers, not use them to make money on. Then came mobile phones and now shopping online.

No-one could have imagined it would have such an impact on our lives, the way we lived day-to-day. The ultimate freedom for women, we could now build a huge business online and no-one cares that we are women, or if we are colored or what age we are, it’s finally a level playing field.

We have access from our home computers to all the education and tools to become independent businesswomen.

Don’t know how to build a website or create a blog for free, read here? English not your first language then Grammarly free will help.

Haven’t a clue about SEO for your website, grab a free Yoast plugin and learn something every day.

You see it is all there at our fingertips now and you can even join a community to give you the support you need while you learn and grow.

A World For WomenA world for women

Consider for a moment. Women are the natural nurturers, the communicators. We have to be super organized and stay the course. Why? We raise the children, keep everyone fed, squeeze an unimaginable amount of tasks into every day. Shopping, meals, children, husbands, pets, work, and the list goes on.

But the big secret is that we make awesome computer business developers with our lifetime of skills. We don’t have to learn to socialize or treat our customers with respect, or how to build relationships.

If we have office experience we already know how to use a computer, how to access information and analyze what works. If we can write a report then we can write content for our website.

Ask us to shop, we are in our element! So we shop online and help other people shop online, too easy with affiliate links.

Are You Ready To Become An Entrepreneur?

Finally, women can come out of the shadows. We’ve paid our dues and can ask for a fair split of the chores to free up some time to build a sustainable business from home. We need to respectfully demand some equal respect for time allocation, some me-time, and learning time.

There will be new skills to learn and that will be an exciting journey. The joy of building something permanent that will pay you financially for the rest of your life and you own it.

The basics of building an online business are simple:

  • Choose a niche (something you are interested in or good at e.g raising children, getting healthy, paragliding)
  • Create a website blog (Name it something catchy)
  • Write lots of quality, interesting content twice a week
  • Place affiliate links to products in your content (so you get a commission on every sale from your website)
  • Learn how to make your website work better all the time
  • Stick at it for at least 2-5 years!

Come on ladies, this isn’t brain surgery (although you might be good at that) it’s time to put our natural skills to work for ourselves. We live in a financial world and as the saying goes “those who have the gold win”.

We will only have ourselves to blame if we miss this opportunity. The waiting time is over, today is a good day to start!


So don’t be scared. Every new adventure has an element of fear to it, the fear of the unknown. But there is nothing aheadWomen making money from home 2021 of you that others haven’t already conquered and you just need to follow with confidence. Trust the process of learning and embrace the joy of creativity that will set you free.

I truly hope that you grasp the opportunity that this century offers to everyone equally and if you would like my support you only need to ask. I’m here for you.

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Don’t let fear stop you! Join me in a new journey to a bright financial future.

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6 thoughts on “Women Making Money From Home 2022”

  1. Hey Lily. Thank you for this post. Its great to see how women position on job market improved and how much we changed to be treated fair. Nothing was given to us, it were decades of brave women fight who didn’t want to be treated differently. Lot is still to be done, but your article proves that everything is possible with determination and hard work.

  2. Thanks, Lily, for those encouraging words. I read with great interest the development of women in business over time and changing circumstances.
    I became self-employed a few years ago and worked with a few NGOs in the fields of youth, culture, and gender equality. But then this pandemic happened, and funding for projects on this topic was canceled. So I also ventured into the world of the internet and started looking for different opportunities. One of these is the website. I know I still have a lot of work, perseverance, and steps to do, but it’s important that I get started. And to continue.
    I wish you all the best

    • I’m sure with all the talents you already have you will enjoy learning all about the internet business world and remember we are always here to help.

  3. Wow Lilly it’s a very interesting and inspiring article. After reading it I realized that it’s a great option for me as I’m technical and business-oriented but until this moment didn’t know what to do with those skills and how to start earning money online. For many years I wanted to open an online business and thanks to you I’ll do it soon. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information and your great insights. 

    • I am so pleased that this felt good to read about how all your skills can be used now for your own benefit. Wishing you great success.


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