WPTouch Pro Review: Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

You can handle mobile visitors in a myriad of ways. A responsive design uses the same HTML as your desktop design butWPTouch Pro Review displays the page differently using CSS. Google and other search engines love this method because it guarantees that there is only one URL per webpage. We will look in-depth in my WPTouch Pro Review to find the best way for you to be mobile-friendly.

Another option is to create a mobile application for your visitors. You can customize the way your content appears to visitors. However, this means that they are not viewing the same URLs as desktop users.

Today, I want to discuss the WordPress plugin WPTouch Pro. This plugin detects when mobile users are visiting a page and displays a user-friendly mobile interface.

The WPTouch’s unique interface is why many people choose the plugin. However, it displays a customized theme to mobile users. This plugin offers a better user experience than dedicated mobile apps. It provides the SEO benefits associated with regular responsive designs.

Visitors can disable WPTouch to view the desktop design of a website on their phone using the plugin. This is an important feature, as many smartphones display screens larger than 5 inches. Visitors may prefer to see the normal design.

The WPTouch plugin allows you to have a lot more control over the way your mobile design looks. Let’s take a deeper look at what the plugin can accomplish.


WPTouch is a favorite WordPress plugin. It is the easiest and most affordable way to make your website mobile-friendly. It is a great option for those who don’t have a responsive theme.

Even people who have a responsive website may wish to change. According to the developers, their mobile design loads up to three times faster than other responsive designs. Although I haven’t tested it myself, it makes sense that a minimal design will load faster.

You should give WPTouch free version a chance. You can then decide whether upgrading is worth it if you like its functionality.

Why WPTouch?

WPTouch themes were created for the mobile web. They are beautiful and very useful. Pick from a variety of themes that were created to simplify mobile transactions.

WPTouch can completely transform the look and performance of your WordPress website on a mobile device.

How does it Work?

WPTouch Pro 4 transforms the look and functionality of your WordPress website on mobile devices.

Similar URL

WPTouch Pro 4 plugin allows you to change content on similar URLs to your theme.

Your Desktop Theme Should Remain the Same.

WPTouch Pro uses its themes for mobile users. Your desktop theme will not be changed. This ensures that your content will remain the same.

Pages to Include/Exclude

You can manage all pages and options and make changes to them.

The Core SettingsThe core settings of WPTouch Pro Review

Your mobile design title will be the same as your website title, but you can change it. Administrators can also access a preview mode or an option to add Google Analytics and other custom codes.

Compatibility with WPTouch Core Settings

This plugin allows you to disable styling shortcodes for mobile designs. It is helpful if you use any shortcodes that do not work well with the smaller mobile theme.

WPTouch can be disabled for certain URLs, and you can decide which devices the plugin will use. Most user-agents include Android, Blackberry, webOS, and iOS devices.

Extensions & Themes

You can download and install the WPTouch plugin for free, and the premium version costs $49. WPTouch Pro includes four additional designs.

WPTouch Themes

It offers three extensions to enhance the functionality of this plugin. These extensions include a caching module that reduces the image size for mobile users. They also include a module that allows you to display specific content to mobile users.

WPTouch Extensions

You can change the settings that you have on your main website such as how many blog posts are displayed. Also, you can select whether comments, author details, and categories should be displayed.

The theme slider allows you to display the most recent blog posts, posts with specific tags, or posts from a particular category (e.g. You can also select the posts and pages you want to display using the page ID and post ID.)

WPTouch Theme Settings

You can change the theme fonts and colors through the branding section. This section allows you to upload your website logo and display social media links. You can also create your own HTML footer.

WPTouch Branding Settings

This allows you to change the icons displayed to iOS and Android users when they bookmark your site.

WPTouch Theme Bookmark Images

  • Menus

This plugin uses the WordPress menu system. The top menu can be customized easily. You just need to create a new menu and then assign it in your settings area.

  • WPTouch Menus

Each menu item can have an icon associated with it. Drag and drop the icon to the appropriate menu item.

  • WPTouch Menu Setup

The plugin includes twelve icon sets. It comes with all 12 sets so that you don’t have to pay for an upgrade. You’re also allowed to upload your own icons whenever you want to.

  • WPTouch Mobile Design

If the mobile design is not great, all the configuration options would be meaningless. The design is similar to what you would associate with dedicated mobile apps, as I said at the beginning. It looks professional and the content is easy to find.

Visitors can navigate to other posts, and leave comments just like they would on your desktop design.

WPTouch: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get coupons free of charge?

WP Touch offers promotional codes and coupons that you can find on their official page.

My WPTouch promo code did not work! What should I do?

Reach out to their support team or simply look for another coupon on their website.

What are the chances that WPTouch offers online coupons?

WPTouch releases coupon codes less often than other websites. Its codes are updated frequently, so make sure to check it out often.

How do I obtain the WPTouch Themes Coupon codes?

Click on “pricing” to see the available plans. Each license includes unlimited customer support and updates for a full year.

Click on Buy Now to proceed with the rest of the process. The next page will show your order and request personal information.

Select the payment method and go to checkout.


The WPTouch Pro tool provides a complete mobile version solution to your website.Solutions using WPTouch Pro Review for Mobiles

While the free version contains everything you need, you might want to consider WPTouch Pro to get the full functionality of the plugin. If you are looking to create a WordPress website, you may wish to read this and get started free with help!

The caching plugin is particularly useful as it can automatically reformat images to make them compatible with different devices. The premium versions of the plugin include an exceptional ticketing support system.

Site speed when loading is crucial and this plugin is a great way to make sure that you won’t have any problems with speed loading on mobiles.

I hope this has helped you in your research, please leave a comment, or a like and share as this will help me in bringing you more articles for your success.

Thanks for visiting.


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8 thoughts on “WPTouch Pro Review: Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly”

  1. Hi Lily,

    Yet another great review by you. Thank you, this indepth review of WPtouch is really great. Everybody is now on their mobile devices and more searches and purchases are being made with a mobile smart device. So it is only fitting to have a clean and user friendly mobile version of your site, especially one that loads quickly. This sounds like a really great plugin, I will definately be using it.



    • Hi lawrence,

      You are correct that this is a great plugin and I’m so pleased that you read my article and found something to make your website more efficient. Thanks for your very kind compliment, it made my day!

  2. This article has very good information on the WP Touch plugin.  The mobile market is too big to be ignored, and as you said, not all themes work with mobile users when they come to your website.  Very interesting to know that even themes that do work with mobile users are much slower than the WP Touch plugin.

    How long are you able to use the free version before you need to upgrade?

    • Hi Bill,

      There is no time limit on using the free version of this plugin, you just can’t access upgrade features and you may find that it isn’t really necessary at this time. It is a terrific way to solve this slow loading problem with mobiles.

  3. I am glad this tool exists. Google has been paying more attention than ever if a site is mobile friendly to rank it. And in general, all our costumers spend more time on their mobiles than in front of their PCs or laptops. So adapting to them is the only way we can succeed.

    • You are so correct Abel, it’s not something that we can ignore. People will be using mobiles more and more and we need to adapt to this trend. I’m pleased that you found my post so informative. Thanks.

  4. Thanks very much for sharing your WP Touch Pro Review here. I haven’t heard of this Plugin before, but It’s definitely an interesting subject as it’s one of those things that get so easily forgotten about when designing a website. Many forget that Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile screens are all different when they are published.

    • You make a good point here that it is easy to not think about the different size screens and be missing optimizing the experience for everyone. At the end of the day, speed is king. You don’t want people clicking away from your website because it loads too slowly.


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