Zoho Mail Review: A Free Email Marketing App

Zoho Mail is an email solution for small businesses. This allows them to access low-cost and easy-to-configure emailZoho Mail Review

programs and tools. Al also works well with different applications and tools. Zoho Mail is a hosted email service. It focuses more on the email storage service over other email features. In my Zoho Mail Review, we will look at all the details that make this a great tool for your business.

If you wish to use the free service, you will get up to 25 megabytes of mail storage. This free tier can be shared by up to 5 users. You can get up to 5 GB of storage if using the Mail Lite tier at $1 monthly.

Zoho can work with different business apps and back-office server programs and other front-end client software. And Zoho is quite affordable. You can spend as little as $1 to access the whole of its library each day for each user. But to benefit from the one-tier program, you need to get an annual subscription.

Zoho Corporation was started in India in 1996.

Zoho email review

Zoho Mail Security

This platform takes security features quite seriously. Providing security is an important feature to look out for from any email service provider. Any messages received on Zoho Mail are kept very safe.

Its data are held in secure but undisclosed centers across India, United States, China, and Europe. They also have round-the-clock surveillance for these physical centers.

Zoho Mail has put in place the following security features;

Email Encryption

Data received are split into fragments and encrypted for safekeeping. This way, all your communications coming into it remain private.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security for your emails. Your account will require two forms of authentication to sign in. This is another means of ensuring that all mails remain secure.

Reporting Unusual Sign-in

Zoho Mail quickly notifies you and your administrators anytime there is unusual sign-in activity. Once some other device is used to log into your account, it will not hesitate to notify you.

GDPR Compliant

This platform protects any data you input during sign-up under the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). So, you have no fears that your information will be sold to third parties. This prevents any chances of your information being used for targeted ads.

Zoho Mail Features

The platform does not only allow you to access your emails but there are many tools that you can access. These tools help you make your work much easier.

Some of Zoho features include:

Ease of Migration

Zoho makes it easy for you to migrate from another email service provider with ease. Sometimes, migrating from one email service provider to another can cause a lot of stress and even make you lose important data and information. But with Zoho migration, you are able to move every document. This includes your emails, contacts, and event calendar.


You can use Zoho’s streaming tool to make communicating with your team much easier. Instead of having several email threads, you can use social media for your conversations. You can share an email by just adding @ and mentioning the names of those who should view it.

You can also create a social wall for each of your team members. They can post messages on them and even have discussions. Streaming also helps you integrate your chats with your emails and stay connected with your team.


There are many Zoho apps that you can integrate with your mail. It has an application programming interface (API), several mobile apps, and a custom solutions arm. You will also find plug-ins for popular apps like Dropbox and Salesforce.

Zoho Control Panel

On the control panel, you can easily organize your emails. You can set up all settings and control for your organization on the dashboard. It is also possible to create group addresses for specific channels. Zoho Email Filter also sorts and removes junk messages from your emails.

Zoho Custom Domains

As you set up your Zoho account for your business, you can add a custom domain to it. After paying for the domain, you can easily set up your domain name.

Zoho Cost Plans

Zoho has different plans that you can make your choice from. The free plan is suitable for small businesses. You can set it up and share it with up to five users. Each user also accesses up to 5GB per user with an attachment limit of 25 MB to send files.

The Mail Lite is the first paid plan which costs just $1 monthly. This comes with more features than the free plan. You can host more than one domain on it with an attachment limit of up to 250MB. There are also many tools you can benefit from when you are on this plan.

The Mail Premium option has all the features of the Lite plan with other features. You can send attachments of up to 1GB on this plan. You can also back up messages so that you can retrieve them after they have been deleted.

The Workplace plan gives excellent business email services. It comes with a complete communication suite with online office apps that make your work easier for you. Your work accounts on this platform are customized and very secure.

Signing up

To join Zoho mail, you simply need to create an account. Set up your domain and verify it. Then you add users to the account and also migrate your emails. With the user-friendly interface, you can start out on Zoho very easily.

Benefits of Using Zoho Mail

There are many features that make it easy for you to manage your emails. It also allows you to access several other tools.

There are more than 30 apps that you can use on Zoho.

  • You can set up your domain on the platform and even customize it.
  • You can migrate easily and move all your documents with ease.
  • A free version is available if you have a small business.
  • It can also set up your calendar, notes, and tasks with it.


  • The free version does not give many storage options.
  • It may not be a great option for personal use.

Customer CareCustomer care with Zoho review

Zoho Mail gives good customer support to its users. You can access its help desk in 11 countries at any time of the day. You can also reach them through email and they will respond to your query.

Zoho vs. Other Email Service Providers

Zoho Mail is quite affordable and simple to set up. However, there are other email service providers that can be an alternative for you if you decide to have a different option from Zoho. These include Gmail, Office 365, ProtonMail, and other mail service providers.

Zoho Email Review


Zoho Mail is an email service provider that offers email services to suit your business needs. It comes with several plans that you can choose from, all of which offer security for your emails. You can use Zoho Mail with several other tools and it has a simple user interface that makes it easy to set up.

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8 thoughts on “Zoho Mail Review: A Free Email Marketing App”

  1. Well I’m just starting out my online business and many times I heard email marketing, I didn’t quit understand what it means. That’s why I find your content fascinating because I will be needing an email service provider for my business. Your article opened me up to the concept of email marketing and services and might be my bed rock as I dive deeper into that space

    • You have the right attitude to build a huge and successful business Pristo. Setting it all up takes time and learning but you have all the tools here.

  2. Great article about Zoho mail, which feels like Outlook on steroids. Your Zoho mail has access to feature options including calendar, task; and you can integrate to the Zoho CRM which, very comprehensive and  makes working within the Zoho platform central to my business model. It feels like “all under one roof”, and this helpful for me because I have a tendency to lose focus when I have to switch between apps and tabs to complete simple tasks. There are over 30 apps that will integrate with Zoho; and what is really cool, I can set up my domain on Zoho mail, and they have a pricing plan for everyone including free, which I started with, but now subscribe to Professional for the featured benefits. If you work from home or alone, Zoho mail is a great platform to centralize all your activities and stay connected to clients and staff. I would recommend trying the free version first, and if it fits your working style, upgrade to Professional for the additional features and benefits. If you use Outlook, you will find Zoho mail a good addition to your business operations.

  3. As a long term email marketer I really do recommend that every new entrant take the time to learn about the benefits.
    On every post or page you should have a chance to attract new emails and build a following. This is important because you build a data base that has a real value and can even be sold if you wish.
    Furthermore newsletters are another type of email that can be employed once you have a base of customers.
    This is a good breakdown of a reliable service.

    Best wishes

    Peter H

    • This is very kind of your Peter and I can tell that you are a solid internet marketer and understand how vital a good email list is to your business. There are some great tools out there and Zoho is one of them. Enjoy.

  4. Thanks for sharing this review. I have actually been thinking of email solutions lately, although I dont know if this is what I need. But it certainly looks like it’s worth checking out the Free version at least. Especially if you work in a team. Do you know if you can link your aweber email list to it?

    • Yes, there comes a time when we need to get on top of our email promotion and Zoho can definitely help. You can link your Aweber email account to Zoho very quickly. Check out the free trial and let me know how you go and if I can help in any way.


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